1. JoeBuddha says

    It’s still lots of money. Here’s hoping the rest of the lawsuits end this way.

  2. Andrew G. says

    The $45.2 million figure is subject to a statutory cap that will knock it down to a lot less. So don’t go assuming it means real money.

  3. Ridana says

    @3 Bankston is the plaintiffs’ lawyer. The CT atty sent the records to Jones’ lawyers.

  4. whheydt says

    Re: Ridana @ #4…
    And Jones’ lawyer in TX forwarded the lot to Bankston…. But you are correct, the one in CT looks to be in trouble of sending the material to Jones’ TX lawyer.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave….

  5. robro says

    There’s another million per this piece in TexasMonthly:

    In the case that resolved in Austin this week, those consequences include $4.1 million in compensatory damages for the plaintiffs, another $1 million and change in sanctions from the court, and $45.2 million in punitive damages.

    The article raises the rhetorical question: Will the Alex Jones Verdict Change the Conspiracy Culture He Popularized? I’m wish it would but I’m pessimistic.

  6. nomadiq says

    I hate to be the Debbie Downer here, but the plaintiff lawyer was right today when he said that whatever judgement is made, Alex Jones won’t stop lying for money. You can only make him bleed some of it through expensive and lengthy litigation. But this is not going to stop Jones from peddling hideous lies for money. It’s ridiculous: you can’t yell fire in a theatre because of the harm that creates, that’s not protected speak, but Jone’s lies are still protected from criminal action. That’s just obviously wrong.

  7. robro says

    nomadiq @ #8 — “Jone’s lies are still protected from criminal action” Except the lies he tells under oath, and he told several of them in this trial. That said, I haven’t read that he will be prosecuted for perjury.

  8. macallan says


    The article raises the rhetorical question: Will the Alex Jones Verdict Change the Conspiracy Culture He Popularized?

    Nah, it’s obviously the deep state or something trying to intimidate him into silence.

  9. says

    I heartily recommend The Music Man (1962) if you want to get a window into the way con artists think… and into the utter contempt in which they hold the marks.

  10. says

    Someone donated $8mil in Bitcoin to him this morning. I wouldn’t be surprised if he walks away with MORE money than he started with.

  11. says

    another $1 million and change in sanctions from the court

    So, I guess, asking for a mistrial 17 times, lying about discovery, and making the judge explain “telling the truth” multiple times is not the most excellent strategy?

  12. bcw bcw says

    @8. The texts and other data that Jone’s lawyer accidentally sent is being sent on to criminal investigators. Apparently the leaked info may also apply to Jan 6 and other crimes. In any case, a perjury investigation is almost certain and that could send him to jail.

  13. StevoR says

    @ ^ bcw bcw : I so hope Alex Jones does go to jail. He deserves that so many times over for many of his dangerous, hateful, corrosively toxic lies and absues of his undeserved media platform. Plus his role in inciting Jan 6th too and his involvement there. Tenatively hopeful that finally, finally might actually happen.

  14. Alverant says

    Then he might declare bankruptcy to avoid paying anything. I heard he was already shuffling his assets around so he won’t have to give them up. Once you’re rich, the law becomes an inconvenience. But I’m hoping this will send the message to the next wannabe Jones to maybe start talking about aliens and lizard men instead of making a fortune off the backs of dead kids.

  15. Ariaflame, BSc, BF, PhD says

    Though while you might file for bankruptcy, I don’t believe that it is automatically given. Especially if your reason for doing so is trying to escape legal consequences.

  16. says

    @18 even if he ends up paying every dime so far (he’s not because that $42mil in putative damages will probably be reduced), he’s still worth over $100mil. This is according to Forbes magazine as of August 2022. They put his net worth at around $165mil. He owns a lot of rental properties. He’s also pulling $450,000 a month from Infowars.

    Even without the bankruptcy, he’s still going to land a multimillionaire. I’m in favor of locking him up but the only thing they have on him so far is perjury. They have him dead to rights on it though. He MIGHT serve five years in federal prison. Not real prison though. One of those cushy ones. More likely he will be placed under house arrest to spend a few months to a year or so in his mansion.

    I’ve seen this show before.

  17. lotharloo says


    Someone donated $8mil in Bitcoin to him this morning.

    It doesn’t mean much. It could have been himself which is pretty common among the crypto con.

  18. whywhywhy says

    It will take years to collect as Alex hides the funds and gums up the process in bankruptcy court and with shell companies. How much of his money is in offshore shelters?
    Alex will keep lying and selling supplements. At best the plaintiffs had the chance to explain to him in person and in public what he has done.