Not how I like to start my morning

This is a talented bit of work, but I don’t think Kent Hovind will recognize how stupid he looks in it.

Just so you know: Hovind begs people to debate him all the time, but only losers bother. Most of the people he claims to have ‘wacked’ refused to engage with him.


  1. says

    What’s the point in “engaging” with someone who thinks the Earth is 6000 years old? You’d have better luck engaging with a brick wall.

  2. says

    A colleague of mine used to say “Never try to teach a pig to sing. You won’t succeed and you’ll just annoy the pig.”

  3. geezer septuagenarian says

    I am surprised that the owners of the rights to Sponge Bob have not sued him.

  4. Rich Woods says

    I wonder what the thin-skinned liar, grifter, tax fraud and wife beater will have to say about this video? It probably appeals to his ego just enough that he won’t realise that other people are laughing at his ridiculousness.

  5. charles says

    Did I miss any mention of Viced Rhino? The imposter that sometimes shows on his channel doesn’t look at all like the Rhino. I guess there is a falling out between Kent and Eric.
    Thinking about this I put kent hovind to an anagram generator and got nothing worthwhile. Viced madw a good choice using eric.

  6. birgerjohansson says

    When Alex Jones became a thing, Stephen Colbert owned hin by creating the persona Tuck Buckford.
    Can we please create a spoof Hovind?
    Kant Rincewind? “Look, it’s Noah and his daughters, not Noah and his sons!”.

  7. birgerjohansson says

    -And the age of the world should be expressed in proper roman numerals for “six thousand”, not in them heathen ay-rab things that BTW can go up to ridicilously high numbers.
    -Leviathan was obviously a dinosaur still living in biblical times. Like, it was so big its belly button rose taller than any man… as was common with those big, hatched from eggs dinosaurs.”
    Dr. Kant Rincewind, theology expert.

  8. ANB says

    @Rich Woods



    It’s difficult for me to think that there can be a better spoof of Kent Hovind than me makes himself.

  9. says

    People like Kent Hovind convince me that Creationists take Creationism less seriously than I ever did. Everything is a joke and scam as far as they seem concerned.

  10. expatlurker says

    I’m going to out myself somewhat, I don’t look like my profile pic. OK maybe just a bit.

  11. says

    “Do not debate jackasses. You’re not the jackass whisperer.” <- Not my quote, but words I try to live by. KH is definitely a jackass.