Drill & practice with genetics: all sex linkage today

We’re having an exam in genetics this week, so today I just led the class through some problem-solving with sex linkage. I think they’re ready.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    I watched it on the yutub. Didn’t understand anything.
    The class seemed to get it, though.

  2. bcw bcw says

    Listening to this, all I could think about was the parental outrage if you taught this in the Texas public schools right now: evolution, cross-breeding and sex.

  3. says

    Hi PZ!
    I was a physics/maths undergraduate in the 90s when I got my baccalaureate, but I would semi-regularly attend lectures in other subjects I was not enrolled in to see what my science friends were up to; it might not be my specialisation but you still learn things, right? I’ve been watching your lectures, a couple or so a day to catch up, since I knew about genetics in a general sense (with a background in one science you see many useful glimpses of other disciplines) and am really enjoying them, especially the lab videos! Wonderful watching all those little flies doing their st x bw things :)