Are you at all curious about what Kent Hovind is up to, or his latest legal travails? Oh boy, it’s a long video that sums it all up.

He has taken a fourth “wife”? Wow. He has lost all of his latest court cases, he’s got another decision coming out tomorrow, and Steve and Ernie sure sound like dirtbags.

You know, I came home worn out and with my left leg on fire, and I just wanted to sit back and unwind for a little bit, so I clicked on play for a little light entertainment, and now my leg aches and my head hurts.


  1. DanDare says

    I just don’t understand how his followers can dismiss all the facts on the ground. Same with pro Trump and anti vaxxers. How is their epistemology so broken? Is it repairable? Do we need to find ways to quarentine them so their memes don’t spread? Can we immunise the rest of society against this madness?

  2. John Morales says

    I just wanted to sit back and unwind for a little bit

    Spider relaxation videos. They’re a thing.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Soo… I assume grifters have a major overlap with narcissists and psychopaths. Kent and Ernie need to be locked up.

  4. PaulBC says

    Are you at all curious about what Kent Hovind is up to

    Would “No” be an acceptable answer?

  5. whheydt says

    Re: birgerjohansson @ #3…
    Just be patient. I’m sure Kent will be back in prison soon enough.

  6. Tethys says

    My left leg is also being obnoxious today, but not at obnoxious as this dude. How do they always have women lined up to marry them? I’ve always thought multiple marriages is not desirable for twue xtians.

    The jadite colored soap dish is lovely.

  7. says

    @1 Dandare
    That’s what the late night comedians have been trying to do for years. They’re the heavy artillery in the meme war. Personal favorite I always come back to, John Stewart ranting about how Trump eats Pizza. Mr. New York eats pizza with a knife ad fork. I guess he’s Mr. Florida now. New York is better off without the man. To finish, Trump is now officially a Florida Man.

    And that’s how you meme.

  8. says

    Also you got YouTubers like this,

    I can’t recommend this guy enough. Former engineer who found out he can make more money laughing at memes on YouTube. But he shreds anti-science memes.