They’re like knitters, wrapping skeins, and bearing poisoned knitting needles

It was another morning in the lab, and as usual, I implemented my new feeding regimen. Previously, I was feeding the juveniles two flies, twice a week. I am now feeding them two flies, every day, and they are still avid and greedy and leaping right onto their prey. I feel guilty, like I must have been starving them. This also means more work for me in the future, but hey, it’s hardly working, and the customers at my restaurant are so appreciative.

I include a photo of one of the feeding spiders. There’s a lot of motion blur in the hind limbs because that’s what they use to draw out silk and wrap around the fly. She was whirring away pretty fiercely there!

Don’t mess with spiders, or any masters of the textile arts, for that matter.


  1. davidc1 says

    I did hear that in Brussels during the first world war , a little old lady use to kill German soldiers using knitting needles .
    Picture Twetty Pie’s owner with a pair of 3.5mm knitting needles ,now there’s an image for you .