The Q conspiracies are getting wackier

Nice summary of the insanity coming out of Q nowadays:

Would you believe that the ship stuck in the Suez canal was owned by Hillary Clinton and the captain was Monica Lewinsky, and that those containers are full of children being trafficked in the sex trade? No? I guess you’re not a member of QAnon.


  1. KG says

    Hang on… won’t the buyers for all those trafficked children be annoyed if they arrive past their abuse-by date?

  2. says

    Why this ship in particular? Because it’s in the news.

    You’d think if all of these conspiracies were real, the main stream media wouldn’t be reporting on this at all.

  3. raven says

    You’ve got it all wrong.
    This was a false flag operation and the so called ship doesn’t even exist.
    It’s all done by CGI and the ship is a crisis actor.

  4. microraptor says

    Tabby Lavalamp @2: That’s because Q is like a baby conspiracy theory that just involves whatever happens to be in the line of sight of the theorist, regardless of how ridiculous or internally inconsistent it is.

  5. birgerjohansson says

    Q lacks object permanence!
    No Republican president has ever dismissed an intelligence warning about Al Quaeda striking inside USA (notice to kids: this happened 2001, before you were born) This is not in your school books, just like the books do not mention the Republicans sabotaged Lyndon Johnson’s attempt for a Vietnam peace treaty by telling the South Vietnamese a Republican president (Nixon) would give them peace with better terms.
    The books probably do not mention many of the CIA coups.
    But you will hear a thousand conspiracy theories, so that is OK, I suppose. And evolution is an evil myth!

  6. robro says

    birgerjohansson @ #5 — Of course, Johnson’s own subterfuge known as the Gulf of Tonkin “incident” is another example of an actual government conspiracy to achieve a dubious political end.

  7. AstrySol says

    I had the same question as the hosts that why HRC would put her well-known codename on the very ship she was using to do the most nefarious thing in the world. Then I remembered people broadcasting themselves with their real names / work badges on January 6th.

  8. says

    You know, at this point you could probably physically assault a QAnon believer in public and on camera, and they would claim it wasn’t you but somebody else (from their rotating list of villains) who did it. Like, just walk up with a two-by-four and smash them over the head and when they woke up they’d say it was Soros or Gates or whoever.

    …maybe we should start spreading rumors that 5G phone signals make people uncontrollably smack the faces of anybody who knows about The Conspiracy. And the only way to make them stop is to make sure they’re holding a $20 bill — that’s why they want to have those new Harriet Tubman ones, the new design won’t stop people from slapping you.

  9. blf says

    According to this NYT article, Far-Right Extremists Move From Stop the Steal to Stop the Vaccine (excerpted in poopyhead’s current [Pandemic and] Political Madness All the Time thread), qAnonsense and various other nazis are now bellowing-away at encouraging vaccine denial “in an effort to try to undermine the government” — “The more vaccine opponents succeed in preventing or at least delaying herd immunity, experts noted, the longer it will take for life to return to normal and that will further undermine faith in the government and its institutions.” (Reptilian lizard-people grifter David Icke is also involved.)

  10. Scott Simmons says

    OK, that’s pretty funny, PZ, but I want to watch the video and see what the Q followers really think is going on.
    [watches video]
    Oh. Um … OK, then. Every time I think humans can’t get stupider, they prove me wrong.

  11. says

    @#13, Ray Ceeya:

    Seeing your question, I actually went and looked up the numbers and did some math, and the answer is “a lot more than could possibly be supplied at one time”. The Ever Given can carry over 20000 standard 20-foot intermodal containers, so the potential carrying capacity is much larger than you’d imagine. If you were to use it as a sort of ferry, where everybody was standing and packed in to the point of being uncomfortable but survivable, and food and water and sanitation weren’t supplied, the numbers suggest that you could actually fit more than two million people at once — actually closer to 3. (Depending on the average weight per person, that might be above its rated tonnage, but it would have the necessary space.) If they have to be able to lie down simultaneously, and food and water have to be accounted for, but the occupants don’t need to be comfortable, then it’s still potentially something in the neighborhood of half a million, possibly more if they don’t have to be able to stand up as well.

    No matter how alarming the human trafficking statistics are, there just aren’t enough kids being snatched to actually fill the Ever Given. On the other hand, though, the very fact that the thing carries more than 20000 shipping containers means that sneaking just one or two containers of human cargo through customs might be easier than with a smaller ship.

  12. says

    I’ve read that 419 scams usually have an incredible premise on purpose to weed out the even slightly sceptical as early as possible, to have the absolute rubes left.

    I think most Q-anon conspiracies are like that.

  13. unclefrogy says

    @14 so like the Middle passage it would be with the similar or worse fatality rates.
    putting people in cans to smuggle across borders is a thing I do not know how often but it happens
    uncle frogy