1. KG says

    Well, give a thought to the students of ancient history, having to learn from disintegrating papyrus scrolls!

  2. Rich Woods says

    My three years at college were spent interpreting binary alignments of microscopic blobs of magnetic particles held on thin plastic films of various shapes and sizes.

  3. davidc1 says

    Ernie Wise
    “Have you got the scrolls ?”
    Eric Morecambe
    “No ,i always walk this way “

  4. John Harshman says

    Speaking of macroevolution texts, some of them are dangerous, like Erwin & Valentine’s book The Cambrian Explosion.

  5. Rob Grigjanis says

    I reckon a copy of Misner, Thorne and Wheeler’s Gravitation (can’t get much more macro than that) could be lethal if dropped from fifteen feet.

  6. fossboxer says

    In terms of sheer mass and volume, “Cell Biology” smashed the record for me back in my day. I’m certain the arthritis in my right shoulder today can partly be blamed on packing that beast around campus.

  7. tobias11 says

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  8. donald1banks says

    Funny remark! :) Yes, macroeconomics students have a hard time, I think history and philosophy students do the same. By the way, the picture that you attached to the post looks professionally drawn. I recommend that you post it on your Instagram account and it will definitely get a bunch of likes. I saw several similar illustrations there and they all had at least 67 thousand likes! Sure their authors used help to buy likes.