Seriously, the signature issue of the Trump campaign will be…save the statues?

We’ve got pandemics, a crashing economy, Europe has closed its borders to us, nation-wide protests, etc., etc., etc., and this is the issue Trump has chosen to be his big selling point?

That’s a statue in Brazil. Is he going to send American marines in to protect it from American leftists or something? Maybe he can steal it to put in his National Statue Garden.


  1. offthewall says

    With his posturing about base renamings, a more apt reelection slogan is “Save The Confederacy!” Or perhaps “Make The Confederacy Great Again!”

  2. christoph says

    I’ve been getting several emails a day urging me to donate to Trump’s reelection campaign since I’m “one of his most loyal supporters.” I think I got on this list because I responded to a poll saying I disapprove of Trump.Each email emphasizes that “this is my last chance to get on the list of VIP donors President Trump sees.” Sounds like he’s getting desperate. I think he’s finished.

  3. says

    Wow! FTB’s own Mano Singham has also been selected to be a private advisor of Trump. What are the odds there are two such in our community here?

  4. says

    Someone should point out to Trump and the Trumpoids that that’s a statue of Catholic Jesus. Which means they should think it’s evil.

  5. Larry says

    May as well use statues. The economy is verplunkt, millions have been infected by the virus, 130K+ have died and literally everything he has said about it has been a lie, his head is so far up Putin’s ass he can see Alaska from his eyes, and he has completely lost the world’s respect and envy of the US.

  6. blf says


    Er, there’s this pandemic going on… will a footise-faire la bise do?
    I’m not too keen on doing that with a Mr Carpenterson statue or similar, and do rather like the idea of giving a Lee or Colston a good kicking (consider they’re statues, steel-tipped boots are both reasonable and perhaps necessary), but a say, Rosa Parks or Darwin or Archimedes or, perhaps especially now, Dr John Snow (or a host of others) seems an appropriate gesture.

  7. jimzy says

    Trump would order a 1,000 foot tall Jesus (though preferably of himself) to be constructed if he thought it would rally his base.

  8. blf says

    @13, Especially because it has, broadly-speaking, a “T”-shape — so a hair furorian one would also be, presumably, plated with (fake-)gold. It would be hollow with the stairs to the top rotten, and instead of a view from the top, there’d be an enclosed (and masks-forbidden) “museum” of all his greatest feats — a shrine to Putin.

  9. nomdeplume says

    Is he concerned, perhaps, that after his 15 year presidency, the thousands of statues of him erected by grateful and adoring citizens, may one day be torn down by leftists who don’t understand his greatness?

  10. kome says

    Fascism depend on passionate symbolism. That’s why statues matter so much. That’s why “the wall” mattered so much. That’s why the hat matters so much. It’s the use of symbolism to cloak the evil of fascism underneath. Get the idiotic masses to care about style and they will completely abandon any and all substance in defense of protecting style.

  11. says

    Trump just wants to protect his country’s heritage. He was never the forty-fifth president of the United States—he was the second president of the Confederacy.

  12. jaytheostrich says

    Now all we need is for people to make a list of about 250,000,000 real-sounding nice ‘Murican names, send it in with this list, and Rump thinks it’s the voter’s list for November, and stops campaigning, thinking ‘Job done’?

  13. christoph says

    @ davidc1, # 14: They don’t know who tore down the statue, but the Trumpites have been blaming the protesters. Meanwhile, there was a report of two white guys trying to vandalize it and yelling the N word.

  14. says

    Hey Gringo Trump we’ve had enough of you invading us to steal our bananas. We’ll pay for the wall to keep you out. Just leave our Jesus statue alone. – President Bolsonaro.

  15. nomdeplume says

    Occurs to me to wonder whether Trump, or his committee, know where that statue is from? Or are they proposing to build an even bigger one in the grounds of the White House?

  16. daved says

    I’ve been expecting the Onion to do a story along the lines of “Trump Orders US Army to Surrender to Confederacy.” Kind of the ultimate conclusion to the path he’s on lately.

  17. says

    Pardon my pedantism, but something just doesn’t smell right here. The ad looks like it’s from DJT’s twitter account, except it’s not his account. Trump’s official twitter account is @realDonaldTrump. So it’s a twitter styled add? It really looks like something from the Onion. It can’t be real. Either they really are as stupid and incompetent as we think they are, or this is the most clever troll I’ve seen yet. Or of course we’re invading Brazil tomorrow. Forgot about that one.

    If you ever watched the Pink Panther movies, I’m starting to feel a bit like Inspector Dryfus. Cleuso/Trump! How does he keep getting away with it? Sorry to compare one of the greatest comedic actors in history to Donald Trump, but I couldn’t shake the thought.

  18. gyreandgimble says

    Found on Facebook:
    This is to those who think that we should save monuments to the traitors against this country who fought for the Confederacy.
    Do you think that if there were Nazi monuments in Germany(there aren’t ) that they should be saved or removed? … “but the idea that these people(Nazis) should be memorialized in any way, even though you still had family members mourning for them, was just not done. What happened instead is a plethora of monuments both to people who resisted the Nazis and to their victims.”

  19. Owlmirror says

    Pardon my pedantism, but something just doesn’t smell right here. The ad looks like it’s from DJT’s twitter account, except it’s not his account.

    It’s not from Trump’s Twitter, and probably not from him directly. The ad was paid by: “the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint fundraising account for the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee,” (article that PZ linked to)

    I admit, I thought it was fake as well. Trump is literally his own Poe.

  20. microraptor says

    Next time I hear someone say that statues are about memorializing history, I’m going to ask them why there isn’t a statue of Santa Anna at the Alamo.

  21. davidc1 says

    @30 Davy Crockett ,and General Custer ,the only losers Amurica loves .Yes i know Custer wasn’t at the Alamo .

  22. R. L. Foster says

    I hear there are a lot of statues at St. Peter’s Square that need protection. Trump should appoint his Opus Dei crony Barr to create a task force to get right on that.

  23. petesh says

    @8: Me three! Why, anyone would suspect that the vast catalog of contacts assembled by Brad Parscale was padded so he could boast of sending out tens of millions of emails (and presumably charge the campaign for each; that Ferrari won’t buy itself you know).

    Trump is going down (jail, please, and bankruptcy [we can dream]), and the interesting question is whether the Rethuglican Party as a national force will be going down with him. Merely taking the Senate 50–50 + Veep or even 53–47 is nowhere near enough. A landslide might just make the bastards see their reflection in the snow covered hills and give us a decade or so to get something done.

  24. KG says

    Akira MacKenzie@6,

    I read somewhere that a local jest about the Rio Jesus statue is that he’s all ready to clap when a Rioan (that can’t be the right word, but you know what I mean) does a stroke of work. But maybe he was waiting all along – and is still waiting – for Bolsonaro to take some responsibility or express some empathy.