This is not a spider

We were exploring our local horticulture garden, and found this little guy hiding between some leaves.

We also found lots of spiders, but my photos didn’t turn out very well. I threw a few onto my Patreon page anyway, but I’ve got to do better.


  1. Owlmirror says

    That looks like some sort of . . . tetrapod.

    Is something wrong, dude?

  2. logicalcat says

    I dont know of this will help but when I had problems photographing large orbweavers in my local botanical garden, it helps not to zoom in too much. Your camera gets confused in where to focus. At least thats how it was with my admitingly old camera.

  3. weylguy says

    Looks cute and harmless. Then it rips your throat out.
    I’ll take my chances with a funnel web spider any day.

  4. blf says

    From the angle it’s hard to tell (you need to see the roots), but the mildly deranged penguin suspects that’s a the Uncommon Greater Blue Avocheeseado, which is a naturally-occurring cross between Camembert and snails — which is very odd, she says, because each is toxic to the other. That’s probably why its “Uncommon”. It’s called a “Blue Avocheeseado” because the person who named it was a colour-blind French lawyer. (It’snot called a « Bleu Avofromagecat » because that would be silly.) They had a very strong accent, and it is said the “Greater” is actually heavily-accented “Ghastly”, albeit it’s unclear if they were referring to the taste, smell, slime, or mating call.