Spider game!

We’re getting desperate. The American Arachnological Society sent me an email from Gordana Grbic containing a spider game to play at home! In Serbian! I was so excited that I had to try it. Here are the rules:

Hello everyone
I hope you are OK, and negative on this virus… and I hope you will stay that way… :)

We made a little spider game video (roll and draw a spider), that I would like to share with our community. I think it would bring some fun in our houses.

This game is best to play in 3, but it could be more or less participants. Every participant has to have its own table. With every roll of dice you can draw one body part. You roll the dice one by one. The goal of the game is to draw 4 complete spiders faster than others. See the video.
The table is in Serbian language, but that is not a problem, since you all know the body parts of the spider. However, here is a translation:
1. glava-grudi = cephalothorax
2. stomak = abdomen
3. pedipalpi = pedipalps
4. helicere = chelicerae
5. noge = legs
6. slobodan izbor = free choice

The table you can find at web site of Spiders of Serbia at this link http://www.paukovisrbije.com/index.php/download/igre-za-decu .

If you think that this email will help, please share it with other members of AAS. and of course, correct my English before sharing :).

Link to a video about the game: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=692905371450199

Wait. It’s a competitive game? I need a partner? The cat refused. I even told her she could learn a little Serbian playing it, but she still turned me down, saying she already knew Serbian and was always talking to me in that language anyway.

Maybe you’ll have better luck finding a partner. Slobodan izbor!


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    “Slobodan” means “free”? (Or “choice”?)

    Did this nomenclature affect the political career of the late unlamented leader S. Milosevic?

  2. robro says

    Pierce R. Butler @ #7 — I wondered much the same about the relationship of the word “Slobodan” and the name. Google Translate translated “slobodan” as Serbian (also Croatian) for “free”, while “izbor” is “choice.” Here’s what Wikipedia says about the name:

    Slobodan (Serbian Cyrillic: Слободан) is a Serbo-Croatian masculine given name which means “free” (sloboda/слобода meaning “freedom, liberty”) used among other South Slavs as well. It was coined by Serbian liberal politician Vladimir Jovanović who, inspired by John Stuart Mill’s essay On Liberty baptised his son as Slobodan in 1869 and his daughter Pravda (Justice) in 1871. It became popular in both Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1918–1945) and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1945–1991) among various ethnic groups within Yugoslavia and therefore today there are also Slobodans among Croats, Slovenes and other Yugoslav peoples.

    During the decade after World War II, the name Slobodan (means “freedom”) became the most popular Serbian male name,[1] and it remained so until 1980.

  3. Rich Woods says

    @daverytier #3:

    Compute the probability of winning after N throws.

    For N>=20 the probability of winning is 1/P, where P is the number of players.

    This is a pure chance game where the rules are exactly the same for each player, with no rule enabling one player to advantage or disadvantage another based on any event. The rules don’t make it clear whether one player has the advantage of going first or all players take a turn at the same time. Therefore the odds of winning are the same for every player at all points in the game after the minimum conditions have been set (20 turns to construct four spiders each of five parts).