I know what I’m doing tonight

Inspired by this video (even though it really fails to cover the full range ot possibilities), I think it’s a good night for a spider movie.

There’s a wide selection on Amazon Prime, and a few on Netflix. I’ve got to spend some time on the elliptical, I could put something with big cute spiders on the TV while I do that.


  1. Akira MacKenzie says

    Running another Empire of the Petal Throne game for the virtual convention I’m currently embroiled in. Then, If I’m not tired. I too will put some cheesy monster movies on until I fall asleep in my recliner.

  2. hemidactylus says

    And here I thought Kingdom of the Spiders was just a waystation or placeholder for Shat’s career between Kirk and Denny Crane, yet instead it was summum bonum of a genre? Well it had to be better than TJ Hooker, Rescue 911, and One Hit Wonders.

    My dad always mocked the “William Shatner School of Acting” mainly because he felt obligated to take me to those Star Trek movies back in the day and probably resented it secretly.

  3. jrkrideau says

    I like spiders but I am not all that fond of movies. Siting through one of those looks like torture.

  4. marcoli says

    An adjacent example of this particular sort is the move is The Black Scorpion, which I will defend as the best of the older attempts at this … oeuvre. The animator that did the early King Kong movies did the stop-action on the beasties, and he did a great job. It still impresses.

  5. davidc1 says

    @4&5 Fake news says Scopes .I have seen out there on the interweb some people are cutting out sihouettes of spiders and sticking them to the insides of lamp shades .
    I think people like that should be shot at dawn .

  6. says

    Historians at the movies are watching the Alan Rickman movie about the Sheriff of Nottingham tonight, 8:30pm Eastern.

    If you don’t know about them, they created #HATM and pick a movie in advance every week, then watch it on Sunday night. Throughout the movie they tweet observations – often informed by their academic expertise in history, often informed by general snark and/or movie love. They invite everyone else to watch at the same time while keeping Twitter open so that their tweets become sort of a live-action MST3k for academic nerds.

    Anyone, of course, is allowed to use the hashtag #HATM to make their own observations, and people do, so there’s a bit of crowd sourced commentary in there with the experts. Depending on the movie and how feisty the historians are being, it can be great fun.

    On some evenings, it might even be as entertaining as a spider movie…

  7. Scott Simmons says

    Dammit, I just saw today’s Oglaf (very NSFW) and it immediately made me think of PZ.
    And for the record, PZ is way, way down my list of people I like to be thinking of while reading Oglaf.