A Christian Conservative Liberty Loving Republican

Am I the only person who remembers the movie Nothing But Trouble, with Dan Akroyd as Judge Alvin Valkenheiser, the presiding tyrant of a small town? For some reason, that was the first thing that I thought of when I saw this photo of this Texan Republican.

Give him a few years, that’s him. Jonathan Stickland has been ranting about vaccines. He told a professor of medicine at Baylor University to Make the case for your sorcery to consumers on your own dime, and that Parental rights mean more to us than your self enriching ‘science.’.

Sounds like another Tex-ass pustule has popped.


  1. bcwebb says

    He is not running for reelection in 2020 after winning by only 2.4% in a heavily Republican district in 2018.

  2. leerudolph says

    It’s banal to say it, but I really do think that with these guys, every accusation is a confession. One of them says “your self enriching ‘science’”? He’s on the take himself, big time.

  3. archangelospumoni says

    Who is the bigger dumbass pustule from Tejas–this clown or Louie Gohmert?

    Archangelo Spumoni, very very very very very very very very very glad to have been moved AWAY from Tejas in the ’60s.

  4. brucej says

    Good to know…if I ever see a Baylor diploma on the wall I now know to run the hell away.

  5. kome says

    Why do people think being anti-vaccine is a liberal position? Like, sure, pockets of anti-vaccine sentiments are found in liberal communities, but as a political topic, all the anti-vaccine policies are coming almost entirely from conservatives.

  6. gijoel says

    I wonder how long it’s going to be before he’s involved in some sexual scandal. He looks like a complete sleaze.

  7. Kagehi says

    @12 nomdeplume

    Well, we “do” have a mental health problem. And, yeah, I know this is a but crass to suggest, but maybe we need to add, “Elect them to public office.”, to the list of things we do, instead of treating such things, on top of, “Jail them”, and, “Leave them living on the streets as homeless people.” BTW, someone really needs to come up with a better emoji for sarcasm, the original intended us of :) to denote a joke doesn’t work any more, since its used to also just express, “I find this funny.”, which isn’t the same thing at all. I think there was once proposed something like , or something, but.. I don’t remember if that was the intended meaning for it.

  8. nomdeplume says

    @14 “maybe we need to add, “Elect them to public office”, to the list of things we do”. I thought that was already in operation…

  9. Kagehi says

    lol OK, I can see why that isn’t used any more. The thing I was mentioning in the last sentence was “left bracket”, “dash”, “right bracket”, which the forum promptly “ate”, because its starts and ends with what “looks” like an HTML element marker.

  10. John Morales says

    [OT to Kagehi]

    First, there’s a difference between emojis and emoticons, and second, HTML has what are called entities, thus: [-] or if angle brackets, <-> are very doable.

  11. microraptor says

    kome @9: Probably because it’s the only conspiracy theory to have gained serious traction among liberals and many high-profile anti-vaxxers have been liberal. Or because conservatives wanted to portray it as such in order to distract the public from the stupidity of conservatives.

  12. unclefrogy says

    at the risk of sounding too cruel it would be kind of cool if there was some kind of drug that could reverse all the immunity that has been acquired from vaccinations and those adults who espouse the evil of vaccinations could take it and be free of all that nasty immunity and they could be examples to us all of the effects of stupidity when mixed with resentment and greed.
    uncle frogy

  13. davidw says

    brucej @7 – Why run from a Baylor diploma? It was the doc who was affiliated with Baylor, not the representative. Also, PZ – Baylor College of Medicine (in Houston) is not the same as Baylor University (in Waco).

    I don’t miss much from growing up in Texas – except the bbq…

  14. Akira MacKenzie says

    I remember this story making the atheist podcast rounds back in May. Once again, it just shows that “liberty” is just coded language for “petulant and selfish disobedience to the needs of society.”

  15. brightmoon says

    I read this and didn’t know how to comment for a while. I’m a Christian and honestly these scientifically illiterate morons scare me!

  16. Kagehi says

    @17 John Morales

    Well, yeah, technically you are right, on both counts. However, emoticons are the logical precursor, and many are direct translations of the original concepts. That said, not all forums would have ate my brackets. So, yeah, I should have remembered that it would, here, but it was still annoying when I noticed it happening.

  17. magistramarla says

    So very glad to live in California now. Living in Texas was becoming worse by the day.

  18. says

    You are not the only one who remembers Nothing but Trouble. I worked on that movie, at the old Columbia ranch in Burbank. A sad story. Dan was so nice, and great to work with, but the story was so incomprehensible that the film was almost unwatchable. And he wasn’t helped out by what was little more than sabotage by his “friend,” Chevy Chase. It was his first directing job, and sad to say, it pretty well killed any chance he had to get another one.