AAAAAAH! Monsters! Monsters in the basement!

Mary and I went on a spider safari. In our house. It started out fine; we didn’t find much in the living spaces of our home, but then we decided to dive down into…the basement.

We found MONSTERS!

Oh, wait. That’s just one thing from my son’s old Dungeons & Dragons collection. What we actually found was Pholcus. Pholcus everywhere. We took a few photos before fleeing.

I’m not a big fan of the Pholcidae. They just hang around hugely, not moving much, but if any of the Theridiidae that I favor show up, they kill and eat them. So there they are.

Curiously, when I checked out our basement in August, there was nothing but dead husks and old cobwebs. They’re going through a population explosion right now.


  1. brightmoon says

    Oh …..those . I had such a big population of them on the ceiling in my old apartment bathroom that the ceiling was covered . I’m surprised I never noticed them until there were at least 40 of them . Picture me screaming and running tripping over my pants legs which were wrapped around my legs because of course I was on the toilet when I looked up . I’m definitely not a spider fan

  2. brightmoon says

    I always knew daddy long legs as crane flies too and I live in New York. Butkids mostly called crane flies giant mosquitoes. Harvestmen were also daddy long legs