Rush Limbaugh has a theory

Of course he went there, because Limbaugh is a malignant fusion of a puckered asshole with a gasbag filled with toxic flatulence. He rushed to claim that a terrorist attack with 49 dead is a “false flag”.

Another thing that happens here when these events happen, you have all kinds of speculation that erupts. And there is an ongoing theory — Mr. Snerdley, correct me if I’m wrong about this. There’s an ongoing theory that the shooter himself may in fact be a leftist who writes the manifesto and then goes out and performs the deed purposely to smear his political enemies, knowing he’s going to get shot in the process. You know you just can’t — you can’t immediately discount this. The left is this insane, they are this crazy. And then if that’s exactly what the guy is trying to do then he’s hit a home run, because right there on Fox News: “Shooter is an admitted white nationalist who hates immigrants.”

He even precedes it with the mention of all kinds of speculation, and then goes ahead to excrete that nonsense. The left is this insane, crazy, but at least we aren’t trying to bury other peoples’ pain in an avalanche of shitty “theorizing”. Here’s an alternative theory that is much more plausible.

People still listen to that noxious pill-swilling, sex-trafficking scumbag? What a world.


  1. wzrd1 says

    It’s fascinating that you resort to ad hominem on him, rather than refute seriously obvious, ludicrous attempts at deflection, constructed entirely of vacuum.
    Seriously, he was addicted, to a drug deemed, falsely, to be less addictive at the time, for a valid medical issue, which was common at the time, then go all far right in condemning him.
    I actually do respect you, so check that bullshit and go for the heart of the matter that he’s a simpleton minimalist in thought, hypocrite in deed and focus upon the defects that even Helen Keller could see.
    Sorry, but this didn’t rate a gentleman’s scolding.
    I’ve witnessed you doing better, so do better.
    And always remember the three words that get one out of a major problem, “I fucked up”.

    That said, had I been personally present when he uttered such filth, I’d have to decide whether or not to use my cane on him, as a potent weapon, resulting in fractures or simply punch him, resulting in fractures.
    In an online venue, I’d simply refute the idiocy and call it willful idiocy that should be criminalized, for social commentators, as we do restrict the first amendment, rightfully, to keep the peace and avoid libel. Preferably, despite the destructive nature of such incarceration, in solitary confinement.
    An optimal punishment would be global shunning, as he wants attention and denying him that is the penultimate punishment.

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    wzrdq1 @1

    Sooooo… you’ll scold PZ for making fun on Limbaugh’s weight or his hypocritical drug use and sexual tourism, but it’s OK to suggest violence against him, eh?

    Yeah, spare use the tone-trolling.

  3. tbtabby says

    We knew somebody would be screaming the double-fs. It happens every single time there’s a mass shooting. Hell, there were probably people screaming it while the sicko livestreamed his atrocities. They have to do it because if they didn’t, they would finally have to accept that maybe those lefties pointing out how nasty and violent they’ve become have a point, and maybe they should stop pandering to a lunatic fringe.

  4. hemidactylus says

    Limbaugh as sentient colostomy bag? I love it.

    Reagan cried. Gipper didn’t single handedly collapse the USSR so that its FSB descendants could adapt active measures to co-opt loyal right wing loons as useful idiots decades later. Strange how Alex Jones and now Limbaugh are adopting the now ubiquitous “false flag” narratives. That may have initially been ironic socially engineered payback for accusations about the Russian apartment bombings. Tu quoque anyone? Now everything is a false flag. Russians merely wound up their toys and now they are self-sustaining Energizer bunnies sure to sow political discord for years to come.

  5. Artor says

    Calling Limbaugh “sentient” is a bit of a stretch. He’s even dumber than wzrdq1 @1.

  6. says

    @Akira #3: I’m not one to instigate violence, but at some point one has to strike back. And these bastards can’t wash the blood of their hands, they’re part of the problem and needs to be dealt with somehow.

  7. boric says

    I live in Christchurch. And I know people directly impacted by this.

    It does not surprise me that someone with Rush Limbaughs track record of moral bankruptcy would play to his base on this.

    But it makes me angry as hell in any case.

    I have been reading this blog now for more than a decade without posting. Until now. I suppose that must make me part of this “false flag” exercise as well

  8. Kamaka says

    Oh, please Mx. at #1.
    Stupid threats of violence?
    What the fuck is wrong with you?
    Do you think you are the president of the USA?

  9. gijoel says

    In some respects I almost hope he continues with the ‘false flag’ theory, because at some point he’ll cross a line that not even his most ardent supports would stomach. Unfortunately that would mean the Christchurch massacre’s surviving victims will be inundated with death threats and abuse. They’ve gone through enough as it is.

  10. says

    I can kinda understand how he needs this to be a “false flag” because if it isn’t he’s complicit. That’s why conservatives work overtime to deflect any time one of their own does something horrific.

  11. ridana says

    Obviously Limbaugh is a false flag to make white wing windbags look like the scum of the earth.

  12. says

    A colostomy bag serves a useful purpose, Rush Limbaugh doesn’t. My son has extended family members in Christchurch who could have been at that mosque it has taken two days to confirm they are all safe. My wife’s niece has friends, a man and his daughter who were shot in the mosque and another who managed to escape. My son knows one of the imams who was wounded and I met the then mosque imam about twenty years ago. A lovely guy. Most of the worshippers were refugees. I probably met some of them on my last visit to New Zealand. They are warm, hospitable people who have worked hard to re-establish themselves and their families and contribute to the community. Slimebaugh can shove his false flag where the sun don’t shine.

  13. willj says

    This is all a left wing plot to take away our free speech in this county. Fucker Carlson said that last night, so it’s not just Limbaugh. Those sneaky lefties.

  14. Knabb says

    This is just unfair. Ostomy bags are useful pieces of medical equipment that massively improve the lives of people that use them – sure, it would be better to not need to, but the realistic alternative tends to be something along the lines of dying of colon cancer. The world would be worse off without them.

    I can’t say the same thing about Limbaugh.

  15. AstrySol says

    @ 14 boric

    On one side note, this is why gun control should work to reduce such things – many (if not all) of those bigots are utter cowards (which is a good thing for other people) that, without multiple guns available to them, they will probably flee at any serious reaction from their potential victims. Heck, this one fled with guns when that brave guy smashed his windshield with an unarmed gun.

    Gun nuts always say that “good guy with a gun” bullshit, when the reality is that good people without a gun, as long as they are not badly hurt, can still stop bad guys. Stopping good people from being hurt first is probably effective for containing such attacks, but the prevalence of guns does exactly the opposite.

  16. unclefrogy says

    that voice is just a manipulative parasite, it cares not for anything but its own comforts which it maintains by feeding people resentment and its sponsors products while they drive around at work.
    uncle frogy

  17. microraptor says

    Tabby Lavalamp @12: The other side of that is that conservatives like Limbaugh believe that everyone else is secretly as loathsome a person as they are and thus they project the kinds of things they would like to do onto their opponents.

  18. says

    boric@14 the very fact that Friday’s massacre will most likely lead to tighter gun laws is motive enough, as far as some of the conspiracy crowd are concerned. They’ll babble about “victim disarmament” and “If someone had a gun they could have stopped him!” They claim it’s the “global elites” weakening New Zealanders for their inevitable conquest by…someone.

  19. chrislawson says

    wizrd1 does not understand the difference between an ad hominem fallacy and a scathing rebuttal.

  20. Meg Thornton says

    I can refute Mr Limbaugh’s “theory” fairly easily.

    I can state from personal experience the thing which was occupying most media attention immediately prior to the shooting was a left-wing action: the student “climate strikes” – primary school, high school and university students gathering to demand political action on climate change. Now, I realise while the far right does tend to cannibalise itself fairly regularly, in an effort to double down and obtain the ultimate in “moral purity”, the left tends to be a bit more ummm…co-operative, shall we say. Which means it is highly unlikely a left-wing activist would attempt to usurp the press coverage of something as significant as a set of globally coordinated strikes demanding clear political action on climate change from leaders around the world.

    It is, however, extremely likely someone on the far right would want to go one better and steal all the attention he could garner from such a thing, and wouldn’t care a damn about climate change activists either. (The first mosque attacked was close enough to the Christchurch climate rally site for the students to be evacuated – good move, really. Imagine how much more publicity he would have garnered for his cause by going to the climate rally site and shooting randomly into the crowd…).

    By the way – the climate strikes got pretty much knocked completely out of the news Down Under by the shootings. Did you hear about them in the USA?

  21. microraptor says

    There was still some news coverage of the school rallies in the US. Probably because it’s more unusual than another mass shooting.

    Of course, a good deal of that coverage was devoted to criticizing kids these days (who are lazy and don’t ever want to do anything besides play video games on their phones and watch social media) have no business having political opinions and should just shut up and not try to be activists.

  22. tccc says

    It has probably been 5 or 10 years since I last raised it, but I am never going to be ok with using a colostomy bag as an insult. I find it abelist and stigmatizing to a medical device many folks I used to work with had and struggled with, including the social stigma attached to their medical equipment.

    No need to counter comment me down and call me an SJW and White Knight, etc, etc, I have heard it before from some of the best here :)