I guess we’ve got to start hatin’ on another class of immigrants

Christians. I’ve just learned that they regard themselves as Not Of This World, so they’re not even from Earth. I guess we’ll have to deny them the vote now, and send ’em back to where they came from. Or maybe Build The Roof so they’ll quit invading in their terror caravans.

Apparently there is a popular bumper sticker for this mob of illegal aliens, although I haven’t seen any around here, or I’d have to turn them into homeland security. I’d never put one on my car, that’s for sure. But I did get an alternative in the mail: Noodles of the Marinara

Now that’s a true American symbol.


  1. curbyrdogma says

    You’ve just now learned this? Fundies are taught to resist “worldiness” because their ultimate destination is “God’s Kingdom” (presumably located in some other dimension). This is why fundies oppose environmentalism and other conservation efforts (because they say it “puts nature above people” http://www.christianpost.com/news/christian-leaders-say-green-movement-is-false-religion.html ). According to “End Times” “prophecy”, 144,000 born-again Christians will be taken up during “The Rapture” to live with Jesus in the “New Jerusalem” (i.e. this other-dimensionly kingdom-of-God-place) while the rest of humanity is left to incinerate on Earth during the “Great Tribulation”. Fundies actually look forward to the destruction of Earth because they believe this will herald the return of Christ.

    …And they call Bill Nye “crazy”.

  2. lochaber says

    I forgot about those. I used to see them a lot when I lived in the desert, 10~15 years back.

    Those sorts don’t handle mockery very well, and are prone to keying (or other acts of vandalism) cars with the darwin amphibians or your marinara sticker.

  3. wzrd1 says

    Now, I’m going to have to invent a sticker that espouses proper marinara sauce, for the Naples version is corrupted with oregano, proper marinara never allows oregano near the pot and a major controversy is whether to include parsley or not.
    Oregano is for pizza sauce, to make it less bland. ;)

    Sicilian version of marinara, to be more serious, doesn’t use oregano at all, it’s basil, tomatoes, water, garlic and onion and some kind of meat to neutralize the increasing acid content as it reduces.
    Specific ratios, to the kind reader, for it’s always up to one’s individual preference, but I tend to an entire onion of garlic as a minimum, one or two large onions and basil leaves to taste. Of course, I prepare 12 quarts at a shot and can them, meat and all, in a pressure cooker (15 minutes or the flavor may go off, due to the higher temperature cooking), cook until foam is no longer observed and fats and the residual olive oil from the sauteed garlic and onion pools to darker colored pools, at a bare, very slow boil, stirring frequently, to avoid scorching and well, charcoal at the bottom of the pot.

    @4, they learn to deal with mocking from me. Nobody wants a pissed off Sicilian-American on their hands, lest they receive an offer that they canna refuse.

    So, for a new sticker, maybe a take-off of an Orthodox cross, the downward shaft being a fork, a knife and a spoon being the additional cross pieces.

    Social/historical side note. Second generation, in short, native born American Italian-American and first generation had a set of prejudices all their own. Few ethnic groups ask what part of the country one’s parents came from, Italian-Americans did and some still do.
    So, if a Naplidon parent asked a suitor where his family hailed from and learned, perhaps, the suitor’s family came from anywhere in Sicily, yeah, things got unfriendly. That all goes back to multiple invasions and occupations of Sicily, including the Saracen conquest of Sicily. An Islamic group of Arabs, Turk and Berber (largely administrated by Berbers for an extended period), so obviously not “full blood Italian”, whateverinhell that means. Especially considering how many invasions and erm, genetic interchanges occurred throughout Italy’s history on the continental part.
    It took the third generation to ignore that schism, which is entirely repressed by the fourth generation.
    Save with conservative organizations, like the mafia, who give preference to “pure blood” Sicilian-Americans and Sicilians overall.
    A favored Sicilian-American joke is, Mafia spelled backwards is (pronounced as) afemme. The context being, calling the mafia lesbians and the social connotations being rather obvious and homophobic. Personally, I use that on them, as it has a greater impact than my actual opinion of them as opportunistic scavengers.
    I royally pissed off one “boss”, who sent a man, then men, then learned about what warfare actually is.
    Making the entire thing far too expensive to continue conducting and giving up. So, in the end, if I didn’t simply have respect, I had fear.
    Ah, the stupidities of youth…
    Now, I simply shun them, less work involved.*

    *A really long story is involved in that mess, which lasted for nearly a year. Long story short, being “pure Sicilian”, whateverinhell that is, I was, as a bodyguard, invited “in” and considering that the principal had to answer the door with a gun in his hand, I actually pitied him and rejected that notion of a life. Some disparaging remarks were made by me when I departed such employment and vengeance was attempted and costly.
    In person, I’m the nicest guy in the world, beneath there is a monster, it’s within all of us. The better person is the one who avoids letting that monster come out to play.
    Hence, a generic pasta sauce recipe.
    And precisely why I’m an outside context problem. ;)

  4. Akira MacKenzie says

    And yet, being “not of this world” doesn’t stop them from interfering with our laws and government.

  5. Alt-X says

    Hey, I’m not going to stop them if they all want to pack up and leave Earth. I’m sure Pluto is lovely this time of the year.

  6. coragyps says

    Wow, PZ! Those stickers are all over out here in Gawd’s Kuntry. And I tend to disbelieve most of them…..

  7. M Smith says

    This doctrine was, for me, the most damaging of all as a child; on the one hand, I internalised a lot of bigotry as “worldly” acts beneath me, but on the other it exacerbated my social anxieties by causing me to fear anything “worldly” leading me astray.

    “Not of this world” is thinly veiled tribalism of the worst kind.