Paratropis, Stormtropis

I was just reading about these recently identified genera of Central and South American mygalomorph spiders, Paratropis and Stormtropis, and got a little thrill from the photos, so I had to share. Their eyes are mounted in a little turret-like structure bulging up above the cephalothorax, and when you flip them over, oooh, those fangs. All black and pointy.

I know some of you don’t get that excited about spiders, especially ones that hairy and weird-textured and equipped with especially prominent bitey gear, so I’ll hide them below the fold.

Click to enlarge. Do you hear me? This isn’t a suggestion. CLICK TO ZOOM IN NOOOWWWW!


  1. Callinectes says

    Hmm. I found the undersides to be the most compelling images. I think because it grants the clearest view of their appendages, which I think has always been the primary characteristic by which I have ever identified arthropods.

  2. jrkrideau says

    Nice but I am not going to get excited.

    On the other hand, I suddenly realised what you meant by daddy long-legged spiders. Not what I would call a daddy long-legged spider but when I moved the cat and the printer the other day there was one of your daddy long-legged spiders. Nice little guy.