Ablation zone found, also identified some firn

We must be approaching Spring, when the weather gets even worse. We had a brief thaw earlier this week, and all this liquid water trickled out from under the glacier covering our lawn, and then flowed across our sidewalk. Then the temperature dropped below freezing again, and is going to stay there for a few days. You know what that means: ice skating rink!

I tried to get into the lab again today, and saw that…and it gets much worse a little further on, where the walkway slopes downward. Decided I’m too old to risk these bones and turned around and went back home. That’s unfortunate, because nothing is more soothing than feeding the spiders. Instead I had to settle for salting down the sidewalk so I wouldn’t be at fault for any student casualties braving the path.

Then I decided I need to hang out with spiders for a bit, so I actually drove to the lab. It was a whole half a block! But it was safer than trying to walk on the ice ramp.

The spiders are fine, thanks for asking. They were hungry and wolfed down a couple of flies each.


  1. Ragutis says

    But it was safer than trying to walk on the ice ramp.

    Just even out the transition a bit, grab a toboggan, make a running start, and slide across.

    (Don’t listen to me. I’ve been living in Florida for 40 years. Actually, that’s just one of many reasons.)

  2. says

    Rock Salt from the grocery store has worked a treat on the ice that populated my front porch. (Appy polly loggies if this is obvious and has been dismissed for good reasons already.)

  3. says

    Oh, NOW the picture comes in on my computer. Yeah, never mind. I guess it would be like trying to make a glacier go away. I was thinking of an icy sidewalk. Well, insofar as I was thinking.

  4. davidc1 says

    You could try wearing your socks over your shoes ,that helps to stay upright .
    Might get some funny looks from the neighbours

  5. jrkrideau says

    The photo looks like good walking to me. If you cannot skate on it then don’t complain!

    I might be a bit prejudged as about 3 years ago a person could skate uphill in City Park. Now that was ice.