They’re all lovely! Every one!

I should let you know about this article, The ultimate lovely legs competition: the world’s nine most beautiful spiders, although I’m not too thrilled with the premise. It’s not a competition, all spiders have lovely legs…and chelicerae and eyes and abdomens and cephalothoraxes.

(I didn’t include any photos in this post because I’ve learned that some of you get so overwhelmed by the beauty that you close your eyes or close the browser window and go have a nice lie-down, and I didn’t want to disturb your work flow.)


  1. Alt-X says

    Peacock spiders all day long. Absolutely love, love these little critters. So adorable and cute. They’ll look up and study you, watching what you’re doing, when you start to put a cup down they’ll hop out of the way. I’d love to have these as pets, but they’re so tiny and fragile. So charming. I love my sparklemuffins. Best thing about living in the bush in W.A, that and the smell of the bush (mix of eucalyptus, and sweet smelling native plants). Oh man, almost getting home sick.

  2. says

    They’re all winners. But it soothes my parochial Aussieness to see a couple of ours on the list.

    On my own list I’d have the humble but deadly (to bugs) Huntsman spider, common around Adelaide, where I live, and throughout Oz, both city and country. No webs, just stalking, pouncing, and biting. Greyish to brownish, up to 5-6 inches, big shiny eyes, bigarse fangs, and a turn of speed that never fails to freak me the fuck out. I never kill them when I find them inside – they eat the mozzies and pantry moths and other bugs that annoy humans, plus any other spiders they happen across. I sat on a big hunstman once, right there on the couch, and she was nice enough not to bite my arse, which ensured my loyalty. Not fun at all, though, to be driving somewhere and see one pop up from nowhere on the dash. Tends to unnerve one’s passengers.

    I love Orbs as well, and we have plenty of species including Goldens, but an Oz spider list wouldn’t be complete without the classic Redback (a widow species IIRC). Jet black all over except for a vivid red slash on her round, pea-sized abdomen, familiar to any Aussie who’s lifted an old flowerpot or an outside loo seat and had a flamin’ coronary. Ms Red also builds an interesting and diabolical 3D system of silks instead of a 2D web. She’s small, but do avoid the pointy bits.

    Speaking of orbs, here’s something I wrote a billion-odd years ago on that subject:

  3. marcoli says

    I have to say that they posted several ‘ok’ examples while missing the spiny bellied spiders and the ‘ladybug’ spider which is both extremely pretty and adorable.

  4. cherbear says

    Also lovely NA varieties of jumping spiders. There’s a facebook group. Who knew?

  5. octopod says

    I seriously couldn’t be more pleased that this has turned into a spider lab blog. I’m fascinated by spiders even though they’re not my research taxon. Eight is the best number of legs!