1. says

    Aww, congrats to all! I hope the new mum is okay, sounds like a long labour indeed. It’s so hard when you can’t be there with them. When will you all be able to see one another again?

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Welcome to the world, young Canute *. There is a bearded guy around to teach you about The Force.

    * Latin version. “Knut” (knot) sounds cooler.
    ** Stay the hell away from the Dagobah System. It’s got swamps and stuff.

  3. FossilFishy (NOBODY, and proud of it!) says

    Welcome to the world little one. It’s a strange and sometimes scary place. But it has such wonders and beauties in it too. And the first of those you’ll see every time you look up into the faces of mum, dad, and even your grumpy old grandpa. Love like that makes no damn sense, but it’s real and it’s yours. May it sustain and fill you until it grows so vast that you cannot help but to share it with the world.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    I now expert granddad to learn Korean script and language, so you can read up on embryo development research in Korean academic journals and explain to Connlann’s stepparents what you do :-)

  5. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Welcome to the new arrival, and conga-rats to the parents, grandparents, and other relatives. Hope the mother is fine, and post-natal events go smoothly.

  6. Marie the Bookwyrm says

    Oh, yay! A new sprog in the world! Congrats to the parents. Here’s wishing them the best. (Hope it won’t be too long before you get to visit, Grandad.)

  7. Larry says

    Unless we blow up the world or the polar ice caps melt and flood all the land or any number of life-threatening disasters occur, the little guy stands a good chance of seeing the next century. I wonder if there’ll be flying cars by then.
    In any case, a hearty congratulations to all the Myers, old, and brand new.

  8. Ray, rude-ass yankee, Haunted by Gloaming Murk says

    Congratulations Grandpa! Congrats also to the new parents, and a warm welcome to the newest member of your family.

  9. Ice Swimmer says

    Welcome, Little One! Congratulations to the parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts. My boats and sprayers with the young Knut!

  10. Dave Grain says


    Is this the first Knut in the Myers family? I see that Zachary is/was something of a tradition.

  11. anbheal says

    Congratulations. And no explanation needed, re cenobites. My last published piece was on the ten best horror movies available on Netflix Streaming for the week before Halloween, and oh yeah I raised some Hell, at about number 8.

  12. Louis says

    It is definitely worth breaking cover to celebrate the extension of the Myers lineage.

    Congratulations to Mother, Baby, Father, and Grandparents. In that order! ;-)

    If memory serves (and it might not) this is the first Myers Grandchild. If so, spoil him rotten! It’s now your job. And the cool bit is you get to hand him back for nappy changes.

    I’ll leave you with the words my father said to me upon the birth of my son (his first, and currently only) grandchild: “Revenge!”.

    Congratulations again.


  13. kestrel says

    Congratulations! How exciting! A huge welcome to the new child and a hearty best wishes to the new parents.

    And now you can get off those tenterhooks!

  14. robro says

    Great shot of your son, PZ. I love the look on the faces of new fathers.

    It’s difficult to tell from the picture, but young Knut does not look all that little.

  15. procyon says

    …and the Bible says: “…and there is no new thing under the sun.” Wrong again : ) Congrats.

  16. hemidactylus says

    Congrats PZ. Welcome KZ to the ranks of the cephalopods. Much kimchi, lutefisk, and surströmming was consumed by all in celebration. I actually by chance have some *halal* Saffron Road frozen bulgogi for lunch tomorrow. Not optimal but sufficient.

  17. silverfeather says

    Congratulations! Best wishes and good health to the family – may they pass through the upcoming Time of No Sleep without too much pain!

  18. siwuloki says

    Mazel tov! Twenty (mumble) years ago a friend took a photo of me with the look on Connnlann’s reflected nearly exactly. What a life-changing experience! My wife often remarks that my driving style changed notably after my daughter’s birth.

  19. Ray, rude-ass yankee, Haunted by Gloaming Murk says

    Daily pictures of grandchildren are OK with me. It never gets old. Do whatcha gotta do.

  20. Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y says

    Very larval. :)


    Say hello to Knut Zachary Myers

    His middle school classmates are gonna love that -.-

  21. methuseus says

    Congratulations. I have at least (hopefully) another 13-15 years before I become a grandparent. Baby pictures will be welcome. We all know you won’t be able to resist your previous activism in some form or another, though.

  22. microraptor says

    Congratulations. Your new larva appears to have the proper number of appendages for the species.

  23. opposablethumbs says

    All best wishes for happiness and health to Knut and his mum and his dad (and hey, even his grandparents)! :-)

  24. John Morales says

    Next milestone is a great-grandchild.

    I’m happy for you, PZ.

    Me, I have and shall have no children, so it’s undeniable that I’m missing out on a fundamental significant facet of the human experience. Not that I regret it, it was my deliberate choice, but still.


  25. davidc1 says

    Hi ,congrats and all that kinda stuff ,hope you wet the baby’s head ,and i don’t mean holy water.
    To be honest not fond of babies ,i like them better around 2 years old ,much more meat on them ,yum yum .

  26. feministhomemaker says

    I just had my husband look up 4.6 kg in pounds. Over 10 pounds! Wow! He beat my first son, 9.5 pounds! Beautiful photos! Congratulations on becoming grandparents. May you discover how wonderful being a grandparent can be, as we did when ours arrived. Thank you for sharing this news!

  27. voyager says

    Congrats. Lovely sprog, but both baby and dad look exhausted. Thst should change in just a few short years.

  28. Ed Seedhouse says

    I believe that, as a new grandparent, your only duty from here on is to fill the entire internet with pictures of your grandcritters.

  29. Curious Digressions says

    Congratulations. I hear grandkids are the best kids. Fill them with sugar, shake them ( gently when they’re older), and send them home.

    Interestingly, my boy is Conlan too. Only two “n” ‘s total. We couldn’t afford all four.

  30. Ogvorbis: Swimming without a parachute. says

    Congratulations, Grandpa. What a wonderful happening for you and yours.

  31. Gregory Greenwood says

    Congratulations PZ. Remember to start practising relentlessly spoiling him now – it is your duty as a Grandparent!