On tenterhooks

There will be no further blogging until this state of uncomfortable tension breaks.

Tenterhooks, by the way, are hooks attached to wooden frames used to stretch woolen or linen cloth while drying. I’m pretty sure they’re also used to torture cenobites.

Will explain later.


  1. HidariMak says

    I think that I have a clue what’s going on here. FWIW, I usually try to hope for the best when waiting for the semi-liquid fertilizer to hit the rapidly spinning bladed electric device.

  2. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    My first thought matched Caine’s #7. Crossed tentacles nothing goes wrong.

  3. trollofreason says

    Clueless in California; I hope everything is okay, while getting strong hints nothing is okay. =(

  4. says

    I know the real truth. By some bizarre loophole in US electoral law PZ is going to be appointed replacement for President Trump. Free octopus minions for all!

  5. says

    #13: That’s what she is saying.

    #14: Nah, I was going to be Time magazine’s person of the year, but they kept telling me I had to come in for a photo shoot, so I told them not this year, I’m busy.

  6. Kevin Anthoney says

    I’m guessing East means Korea, so it’s either the grandchild thing or PZ knows more about Kim Jong-un’s weapons program than he’s letting on.

  7. says

    10 hours is nothing. More like 9 days — 9 days in the hospital. It’s intensifying as of yesterday, so we’re hoping it will culminate in a happy result today.

  8. cartomancer says

    Is it possible to be on only a single tenterhook? Or does it not work unless there are two or more to stretch you between? Perhaps being on a single tenterhook is a general state of mild anxiety, where the full multi-hook situation is a pointed and specific expectation? Would it be sensible to quantify the severity of one’s mental preoccupation by stating the precise number of tenterhooks one is on? Or are additional hooks beyond the second superfluous, those two having served to create the tension and extras not contributing a meaningful change in tensile quality?

  9. says

    A single tenterhook wouldn’t have the right visuals: picture a limp rag hanging on a peg. It’s pathetic.

    The key thing in the metaphor is the stretching into tautness. Very different. Somewhat more agonizing.

  10. opposablethumbs says

    All the very best crossed tentacles, antennae, pseudopods and/or sundry appendages for good news and good outcomes for you and yours, PZ.

  11. KG says

    Hoping for a good outcome!

    BTW, when I saw the thread title my first thought was: “But what are tentehooks?”, so thanks for that info!

  12. says


    More like 9 days — 9 days in the hospital. It’s intensifying as of yesterday, so we’re hoping it will culminate in a happy result today.

    Oh yikes. Sounds like a misery to me. Hope it’s the happiest of news very soon, for the sake of all involved, and everyone is fine, with all the bits and that sort of stuff.

  13. Paul Bell says

    I thought your cat was having kittens. That would have been newsworthy. Cats beat brats any day. Species loyalty sucks.