1. congenital cynic says

    Wow, he really is a child. Look at those clinched fist photos. It’s what a six-year-old would do. He’s an embarrassment.

  2. Ogvorbis: A bear of very little brains. says

    This photo from the series looks like Trump is turning the tractor truck into a dump truck. Seriously. Looks like he needs a stool softener. Stat!

  3. rietpluim says

    Well, it sure is nice to see Trump genuinely happy instead of just keeping up appearances.

  4. Saad says

    Thank you so much for not posting the photos directly.

    I stopped after the first 3 or 4.

  5. Saad says

    Caine, #3

    Oh. Oh no, no, no, no. His cult of Trumpholes will adore this, too.

    It’s part of the normalization.

    Make adorable jokes about it. Paint him like a clumsy comic relief character.

  6. unclefrogy says

    PZ has a history on this blog and I was hesitant to follow the link to discover what would be a truly horrible book.
    Only to find some ridiculous photo op of 45 in a truck while any picture of that guy as president is displeasing it was not what I feared I would find it is thankfully as forgettable as he is.

    uncle frogy

  7. anchor says

    Its remedial ratings-boosting, doncha know: he’s touching bases with all those many loyal truckers who have been listening to Rush all these many years.

    It just reminds me of a Ratfink

  8. robro says

    Reminds me of this…

    He’s a drug store truck driving man
    He’s the head of the Klu Klux Klan
    When summer roles around
    He’ll be lucky if he’s in town

  9. Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y says

    Does Trump actually know how to drive? Its not as if he’s ever had to.

    To be fair, knowing how to drive isn’t a requirement for doing so.