1. dick says

    Oh dear, that first line should have read, “You asked, what did you miss out?”

    Please accept my apologies.

  2. says

    It looks as though Australia has just re-elected its equivalent of the Rethuglicans with the balance of terror being given to people who make Trump look like a saint. I think you Yanks are going to have to wait in line with the Australians.

  3. blf says

    Typical USAliens. Wait until after they have completely fecked things up to run, hide, and say Not me, eh, I dinna hav anyfing, eh, to do with it, eh.

  4. jrkrideau says

    @1 ironflange

    Ha, I saw someone still wearing a poppy a couple of weeks ago.

    Impossible, they fall off with 5 minutes of putting them on. The endurance record for wearing a poppy is 7hour, 13 minute, 12 seconds and that was with Crazy Glue.

    I agree with the sentiments about the poutine. It should be a criminal code offence not to have the gravy hot enough to melt the curds. I remember the time, no more than 15 or 20 years ago, when it happened to me. It was horrible.

  5. says

    As I said to a friend a month ago, I don’t want Americans moving north. It’s not because the anti-Trump people aren’t welcome, it’s because every educated and rational person that leaves increases the percentage of fanatics in the US population. We need you to stay home and fight the fight.

    “Lunatic fringe / In the twilight’s last gleaming…”
    – Red Rider

  6. says

    Oh, I forgot to add this:
    It is a list of 10 random facts about Canada that some in the US don’t know. My favourite two from the list are:

    2. In Canada, we have no major politicians or parties opposed to equal marriage, which we’ve had uneventfully in place since 2005. It is a political non-starter in this country, and this weekend, the Prime Minister will walk in the Pride parade here in Toronto.

    6. While Canadians have free speech (except for hate speech) and freedom of the press, it’s illegal to lie in broadcast news. There’s a law that says they “shall not broadcast any false or misleading news.” This can make the news sort of boring, especially when it comes to politics, but also means that Canadians can pretty much trust what we hear. This makes #1 less volatile.

  7. robro says

    Ok, jeanettecorlett-black, I’m convinced because…

    5. In 2013, we got rid of the penny.

    Although I’m not too sure about the nickel. I’ve been on a personal campaign to end the penny for a while. What a waste of time. But it seem sacrosanct, even the US mint has discontinued many coins in the past

  8. ck, the Irate Lump says

    robro wrote:

    Although I’m not too sure about the nickel.

    The nickel is probably going to be even harder to get rid of than the penny. It’ll probably have to be discontinued at the same time as the dime. From what I understand, the only reason it still exists is the zinc industry fights to keep them around.

  9. voyager says

    As per Pierre Burton, every true Canadian knows how to make love in a canoe. Of course, every true Canadian also knows who Pierre Burton is.

  10. says

    @5 Moggie-

    All that bigotry, hate, government sanctioned cultural erasure, and utter lack of fucks given towards minorities that Canadians tut tut at in other countries like America?

    Canada does all of that to the First Nations. Having a Mi’kmaq hanging out with the hip 90s weed smokers would have been unCanadian.

  11. antigone10 says

    I would never move because some asshole got into power. They’re the asshole- they should move.

  12. quotetheunquote says

    @15 –

    As per me, a Canadian is someone who knows how to spell “Pierre Berton.” (Also, “colour” and “neighbour”).

    RE: the video. Ha. Ha. Funny little satire. Except the part about maple syrup vs. “table” syrup on one’s pancakes. That one’s for real.