1. Menyambal says

    The prohibition on pictures of the prophet was intended to keep folks from making him into an idol to be worshipped. It was to keep him out of the picture, literally, so that God was foremost.

  2. Larry Clapp says

    > I followed Jesus’ suggestion (it’s not often I can say that)

    I laughed out loud. Nice.

  3. rrhain says

    The image of Cletus from the Simpsons was good:

    So let me get this straight:

    Staging a deliberately inflammatory exhibit of cartoons that are offensive to Muslims is free speech.

    But saying “Happy Holidays” to shoppers at Target is a War on Christmas.

  4. applehead says

    I should never underestimate the raw brainwashing power of the post-9/11 media landscape if unabashed Islamophobia makes it even to Pharyngula. (And if you don’t believe me, check out the loaded wording of speech bubbles 2 and 3.)

  5. applehead says

    How many Muslims is “many” to Mr. Genius Cartoonist? How many extremists who had ties to Islam murdered based on those drawings? Where there any murders associated with the affair at all? I honestly can’t remember. Anyway, even if there were murders, what, that’s a handful of Muslims “revealed” to be murderous zealots out of one billion+ individuals. Veiled racism instance #1.

    And how does he define “mostly”? All the Murdoch-owned rags – which is quite a lot – railed against the “ignorant Muslims masses”. And how is forgoing reprinting deliberately inflammatory content “hypocrisy and cowardice” instead of basic decency and de-escalation? Veiled racism instance #2.

    Fuck “Jesus and Mo” and fuck its fans.

  6. says

    Yep, it’s hypocrisy and cowardice not printing the one thing, one time, while they regularly run incredibly Islamophobic lies and rhetoric of which you accuse the content creator of Jesus and Mo. And people freaking out and shouting death threats over something that should not be drawn in order to prevent idolatry (and mind you many of them regularly ignore the whole thing because photographs are just so damn convenient) are pretty petulant crybabies. Just like, say, Catholics who give birth to incredibly large bovids over playing with their crackers. Or anyone else with their weird symbolism fetishes.

    Please tune in next time to tell us about the rampant Christianophobia of same strip.

    Although I’d be willing to have a look if you wanted to demonstrate a disproportionate tendency to mock only things Islamic.

  7. chigau (違う) says

    applehead #6
    You’ve been on The Internets for … what … three or four days?