1. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    PZ!! You claiming War on Christmas is yours as well as War on Xianty?? shames on yuze.
    Krampus is just some dodgy characterization of one of the poles of bipolar Santa. The watcher of naughty and nice, who hands out both rewards to the “nice” and coal to the “naughty”. Krampus is just the “coal giver to naughties” that is the other side of Santa’s bipolar disorder. Santa is real. Krampus just the Jekkyl to Santa’s Hyde.
    regardless of that, useful reminder that Santa deals punishments as well as goodies, we don’t want to represent Santa as the indiscriminate sharer of goodies. Might give the pinkos a hero.
    Happy Holidays Santaday

  2. says

    Can’t you just stop mangling everybody’s legends and traditions into US cheesy wannabe horror movies?
    Also, appropriate for ALL audiences? My kids would have nightmares for weeks…

    Wonderful Krampus story I read a few years ago Weisser Schrecken. Unfortunately he hasn’t been translated into English, you’re missing out on something. If you can read German, you gotta start reading it a few days befor the 6th of December and read along.
    He skillfully wove pre-christian myths, early christian myths and such together and toled a thrilling tale.

  3. Johnny Vector says

    Oh goody. Another formula one scary movie.

    Now, if they made one of Hogfather, I’d be up for that! (But only if they keep the King Wenceslas scene.)

  4. mcfrank0 says

    Johnny Vector — Sky1 made a two part version of Hogfather in 2006. And, yes, it’s very good (I have it on DVD).

  5. Rich Woods says

    @Artor #5:

    Rare Exports is superb. Such wanton slaughter. It makes me appreciate a Xmas turkey all the more.