In case anyone catches a coelacanth in one of our Minnesota lakes…

Now I know what to do!

Hey, it could happen. If I were a SETI researcher, I’d just say the odds may be really low for any one lake, but we’ve got about 15,000 of them, so there could be one out there (that doesn’t sound very Bayesian, does it?).

Also, I guess I already knew what to do. I’ve done all 6 of the procedures mentioned, and there’s a couple I’m still doing.


  1. Ogg says

    See, I read the title and my first thought was: prepare it the same way one does a carp. Nail it to a two-by-four, place in a 400F oven until the wood chars, throw the fish away, and eat the wood.

    Nice video. The skills are amazing. As is the evident love for the resource.

  2. rogerfirth says

    If I pulled one of these out of a lake in the Boundary Waters, I’d pan fry it in some butter and wash it down with some chardonnay out of a Nalgene bottle.

    And it would be good.

  3. madtom1999 says

    That would have made a 12 part series on some TV channels – nice to see science done by scientists!
    I still the remember the shock and awe of my dad bringing home stained fish and small mammals in amazingly transparent plastic blocks. Science crystals!

  4. says

    Coelacanth flesh is apparently so bony and oily/disgusting that no one would want to eat one.

    I’m really impressed that the YouTube comments aren’t overrun with creationists. Or do they have someone cleaning up their comments sections?

  5. thecalmone says

    I really enjoyed that. Thank you for posting the video.

    Beautifully made, and it is always so inspiring (and envy-generating) to see someone who enjoys their work as much as they obviously do.

  6. gingerbreadwitch says

    I caught a bunch of those… in Animal Crossing. First one went to the museum aquarium, and the rest I sold to a racoon for 12,000 bells to pay off my elaborate house. I feel like a monster.

    On a more serous note, did not know we had these in MN! How cool. I met a gar in the river once, but that wasn’t as exciting.