1. gijoel says

    You could substitute sex with evolution, and you’d still have the exact same conversation in a lot of places in the world.

  2. unclefrogy says

    seldom is it out of place to watch a little Fry and Laurie truly masters of the absurd.
    uncle frogy

  3. JohnnieCanuck says

    In case anyone missed it, Stephen and his partner Elliott Spencer, just announced that they have married. Being a May-November kind of relationship, tongues are wagging.

  4. irisheathen says

    Irishman, heathen and Stephen Fry fan here. Just what would Mr. Smear with an Irish accent add to the piece?. We here in this country don’t comply with your assumed (apparently) stereotype any more.

    Twenty years of clerical misconduct have long since rid us of these types of sexual hang-ups.

    Maybe a regional US accent would be more appropriate.

  5. robro says

    I suspect it goes on all the time in more or less this form. My son went to a private school where some parents, one father in particular who just happened to be the major donor, blocked doing the sex ed unit. That was less than last 10 years ago, and in California, too, not way down yonder in Dixieland.

  6. says

    @ irisheathen

    This was a bit of an in-joke. PZ has thereby invoked a voluble and verbose response in a parallel universe, the reading of which will place you in no doubt as to the appropriateness of his comment.

    I could say more, but am going through a process of cerebral detoxification at the moment.

  7. Monsanto says

    My youngest son isn’t married and doesn’t yet have his own home and furniture. Am I missing something?

  8. Menyambal says

    The elementary-school counselor that I shared the vid with found it quite amusing, because it’s true.

    Fry and Laurie also teamed up for Jeeves and Wooster, which I strongly recommend.