On WFMU tonight

At 6pm Eastern (in about 2 hours), I’ll be getting interviewed on WFMU radio. It’s a call-in show, so feel free to ask intelligent questions.

Well, that was fun, but I fear I may not have sold many books. I got the impression it was a very liberal audience that wasn’t quite with reality, so all the questions that started off well with ideas about religion vs. science or an afterlife tended to veer off into acupuncture or UFOs of something, and I’d have to say “no, that’s bunk.”

You can download the show now.


  1. drew says

    I was afraid you’d be on Nardwuar’s show for a moment.

    @Bill – WMFU is a sister station.

    This is a chocolate-meets-peanut-butter moment for me! :-)

  2. Acolyte of Sagan says

    Nathaniel Frein
    9 September 2013 at 5:11 pm (UTC -5) Link to this comment

    Aw shit. I’m elbow deep in dinner right now. Will there be a recording?

    Elbow deep?
    Cutlery is your friend.

  3. anchor says

    Man, what is it with callers having the idiotic notion that science is just another belief and fails at providing explanations? (Like for UFOs…hmm, of course religion must be better at explaining that idiocy). Sheesh.

  4. Acolyte of Sagan says

    Do you want a scientific explanation for UFO’s? S’easy really: a UFO is an FO that has yet to be positively U’d; once positively U’d, it is no longer a UFO.

  5. everbleed says

    That was Gawd awful. “Don’t want to alienate your audience.”


    How about putting them to sleep, and letting idiots get away with sheer stupidity without even a hint of the nailing you do in prose?


  6. says

    Elbow deep?
    Cutlery is your friend.

    Depends on what I’m doing :3 When stuffing the skin of roaster chickens a more delicate touch is necessary. That’s not what I was doing tonight, though. I was doing stuffed portabello caps on the grill.

  7. Bicarbonate says

    I thought it was sweet. I learned a lot about how to approach New Age hooey with believers. If you did a talk show in the California Bay Area, you’d get the same kind of questions, P.Z.

    It does strike me as strange, however, that people can think science is about dogmas and belief. There’s a problem here with education, people haven’t learned how scientific thinking proceeds.

    But come to think of it, I sure have had a lot of bad science classes! I remember in my first biology class in college, we had to draw some cells that we saw through the microscope. So, I drew what I saw, faithfully. The teacher came by, glanced at my drawing and said, “that’s not how bla-bla cells look.” (Can’t remember what sort of cells they were). Then she went and got the textbook, opened it to a picture of bla-bla cells and said, “that’s what they look like.” So, why even use a microscope and why even look?

  8. unclefrogy says

    that was a lazey teacher or one who does not have the time to show students how to use the tools and learn to make good observations instead it is “this is the answer.”
    may be they did not know how to use a scope very well and the scopes was not very good

    when I stop and think about it I do not think there was ever enough time in any of my classes much less the science classes.

    Good interview, you are a nice guy who is patient but will not compromise with the truth.

    uncle frogy