1. Trebuchet says

    Yet another reason I’m glad they have such short lives. They’re very smart (squid anyhow, don’t now about octopusses) and can do stuff like that. We’d be a slave species if they lived longer.

  2. sundiver says

    Octopi are pretty smart, they figure out how to unscrew lids on jars whether right or left-hand thread. I read about one octopus at an aquarium that would nail one of the workers with a jet of water from its siphon. Apparently this individual had done something to piss the critter off as no other workers there got this treatment.

  3. laurentweppe says

    You know this might be a reverse abdul alhazred:

    And I saw, above the waves, the Dead Cold Coral Which moves on it own volition, and there, walking around it, in the deadly Dry Water were the servants of the beast, moving around the spermwhalean shell, their body covered with a multitude of repugnant rash dead skins, their bodies standing on two rigid lims, dominated by an apendix which looked like the most twisted, monstruous difformation of a fish’s head, their shrieking voices piercing the Dry Water, while the Dead Coral’s unholy, inorganic song kept reasonating throught the two Waters, Dry and Wet, and the smell, Oh, the smell, the awful, perverse, nauseating smell that followed me for day after I escaped back to known waters.

    An’Throp’Ftagn! An’Throp’Ftagn!

    We Live in blisseful ignorance my Brethrens! Monsters roam freely above us: this world is not ours to rule!

  4. cyberax says

    Poor octopus. It was bleeding! Have you noticed the blueish traces when it fell into the water? That was its blood.

  5. gridironmonger says

    I had the great privilege, this very morning, to gain entrance to the Monterey Bay Aquarium two hours before the regular opening time. Among the various behind-the-scenes things available at that hour was the feeding of the Giant Pacific Octopus (actually, they have two, both males, in separate tanks). Apparently they don’t need them when the Aquarium is open, due to their nocturnal tendencies. They are remarkable creatures, in a building full of remarkable creatures.

  6. thumper1990 says

    That is impressive (as was Chas’ video). The advantages of having no solid skeleton.