1. fastlane says

    That’s a bit deep and cold for just a wetsuit eh? Looks like I’ll have to get dry suit certified….

  2. PatrickG says

    20 Godzillas indeed… I just can’t get over the concept of something as squishy (-seeming) as an octopus withstanding ~2×10^4 kPa*. It just boggles my mind.

    I mean, was that really at 2km depth? Really? Brain. Struggling.


    *P_atm = 101.3 kPa.

  3. Olav says

    Khms, #9, exactly. Its internal pressure would of course be equal to the water pressure.

  4. kayden says

    Nice video — funny how the deep sea looks like outer space: black and spooky. The music is soothing too. (I can kind of play Moonlight Sonata — very badly though).

  5. Pyra says

    I love the wings. There’s so much about aquatic life I don’t know. This was a nice lesson for the day.

  6. bad Jim says

    Dumbo with a multi-tentacular trunk. Those ears!

    When you look into their eyes, cephalopods are completely copacetic, but when they smile and their tentacles writhe, you can either regard them with horror as avatars of Cthulhu, or instead reflect, huh, I wouldn’t have thought of that.

  7. PatrickG says

    Yeah, I wrote that off in some haste. It was meant as sort of a ‘if you put me in that water suddenly, things would go badly’ metaphor that obviously failed. :)