I guess fish don’t count

I do experiments on fish. I’ve killed tens of thousands of embryos, but, you know, I take care to minimize pain, and do it for a purpose that can’t be achieved any other way; I also have to answer to committees that enforce ethical conduct in animal care and use.

No such rules apply if you are a Christian priest.

Well, yesterday’s sermon was a big hit! We had a mass execution of 200 feeder fish that I pulled out of a fish tank and then threw all over the floor. The kids were in shock and then started to pic them up and put them back into the fish tank. Obviously, most of them died in the effort…the point however was made that they cared ore about .15 cent feeder fish then they do about their friends dying w/o Christ.

Damned straight. I certainly hope more people care about living creatures than they do about what weird religious sect their friends have adopted.

I am also not surprised that kids are shocked to discover their priest has such a callous disregard for life — I hope it was the first step in freeing some of their minds from the embrace of the Christian death cult.