Tragedy in Brazil

Another madman has run wild, this time in Brazil, killing 11 schoolchildren and wounding another 13 before killing himself (and here’s the story in Portuguese, with many photos, including a few that are grislier than you’ll see in the US media). The killer left a suicide note, and a Brazilian reader sent me his translation:

First of all you should know that the impure can’t touch me without
gloves, only the chaste or the the ones that lost their chastity after their
marriages and haven’t been adulterous may touch me with no gloves,
i.e., no fornicator or adulterer may have direct contact with me, nor anything
impure touch my blood, no impure may have direct contact with a virgin
without permission, those that take care of my burial should take off all
my clothes, bathe me, dry me and wrap me while totally naked in a white cloth
which is in this building, in a bag I left in the first room of the first floor, after
wrapping me in this cloth you may put me in my coffin. If possible, I’d like
to be buried next to the grave where my mother sleeps, my mother is
called Dicéa Menezes de Oliveira and is buried in the Murundu cemetery.
I need the visit of a faithfull follower of God in my tomb at least once,
I need him to pray in front of it asking for God’s forgiveness for
what I did asking that when Jesus comes he will wake me up from the
sleep of death to life.

At least this savagery won’t be pinned on atheists, not this time. I don’t think we can blame religion, either, although his insanity clearly found expression in religious idiom — this guy was just malignantly deranged.

I hope no one is respecting the killer’s final wishes, and that his corpse is treated like dead rotting meat, nothing more, and buried with exactly the same treatment anyone else’s body would receive. And then may his name be forgotten.