One well-placed meteor could wipe out the entire skeptical movement!

Holy crap, have you seen the line up for The Amaz!ng Meeting? Everyone is going to be there, except maybe the Chinese army and a forgotten marching band in Lithuania. How are they going to schedule this monster? How many people are they going to have attend…or are they all signed up to present talks?

I know DJ told me I was supposed to give a talk, but I may only get 10 minutes on the stage at this rate. The theme this year is “TAM 9 From Outer Space”, and they’re going to focus on space science and skepticism, with a whole throng of astrophycist/astronomers getting top billing. It’s a good thing I’m going, though: I’m planning to talk about aliens and bad biology, so they need someone to bring them down to earth.

Maybe we should just stage a brawl: me against all the unemployed Klingons from the now-defunct Star Trek Experience. Oh, wait, I think they’re busy — they’re probably all signed up to present at TAM!