How are you going to vote on this poll?

I don’t even know where to begin. The choices on this one make no sense.

Do you believe evolution should be taught as a theory instead of accepted fact?

I’m not sure

But evolution is both a fact and a scientific theory! I guess I had to focus on the use of the word “instead” to mean they don’t want to teach the facts of evolution, so I had to vote no.

I wish every poll had an additional option, so you could vote for “Whoever made up this poll is a moron.” They never have that choice, though.

What dishonest slug is in charge of that Fox station? They changed the poll midstream, after “no” had reached 90% of the vote! The question now reads, “Do you believe evolution should be taught as a theory?”

Remember this if ever they try to report the results of one of their polls — they cheat!