So it’s somewhere between Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, and getting worse

The situation in Japan is looking dire. Workers have been evacuated for their safety from one of the failing nuclear plants, setting the stage for a possible meltdown. There have been more explosions, and more venting of radiation. Another unit, Unit 4, which was not one of the plants that was highly stressed in the earthquake, is now on fire.

I’m going to be going to bed soon. I have a grim feeling about the news I’ll be waking up to. But I figured I’d better create a space here for the overnight discussion of the doomful news coming out of Japan.


  1. elnauhual says

    So far.. there seem there are two extremes…

    while the Huffington post claims “All hope is lost”

    The japanese new media publish:

    “Radiation levels lowered after water injection”

    I recomend to check the japanese news services:

    I also recomend this:

    a one person independiente news channel..
    this guy is tramsniting 18 hours daily

    He translates and comments the local news. You can also chat with him in real time..

    And finally…
    there is a pharyngula way to help:

    Tentacle Grape Soda plans to donate 10% of all sales over the next two months to the Red Cross to support their recovery efforts in Japan.