Episode CLXXIX: Everyone must strip to their underwear and dance!

I may need to check myself into a mental hospital, threadlians, because so help me, I like Lady Gaga, even the weird pretentious gynecological bits at the beginning of this video. Maybe especially the freaky alien gynecology.

If you’re not going to dance, I at least hope you’re commenting in your underwear.

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  1. cicely, Eccentric Firefly says

    Ahhh, those by-gone cereals of yesteryear!

    Still…where are the Pink Panther Flakes? Where’s the Quisp? (Yes, yes, yes; they say that it’s at Super Target stores, but I’m ranting, here.) I probably ate my weight in those, when I was a kid. As I recall it *taking false teeth out of glass, rocking in chair, shaking cane*, at one point Pink Panther Flakes were going at 7 cents per box at the PX. I think Honeycombs were going at 11 cents. It was an easy decision for my mom to make.

    As I write this message to you, I am aware there are any number of eavesdroppers.

    Nonetheless, this message is to you.

    Except that it’s not “eavesdropping”; it’s more like “over-hearing”. According to Wikipedia, “eavesdropping is the act of secretly listening to the private conversation of others without their consent, as defined by Black’s Law Dictionary. This is commonly thought to be unethical[…]”. Anybody here secretly reading posts not directed at them? And, again, nothing here can count as a private conversation. Is there any unethicality involved in reading something publicly posted that doesn’t have your name on it? I don’t think so.