The bar is set very, very low

Creationist Steven L. Anderson is having an art contest. He is shocked and surprised that chickens and dinosaurs are related and wants some cartoons mocking the concept.

He’s got a few examples at his site; they aren’t very good, and they all miss the point. Chickens are not descended from T. rex. Chickens and T. rex share a common ancestor, and there are good reasons to argue from their morphology that chickens and T. rex shared a common ancestor more recently than chickens and people, or chickens and bananas.

Watching his idiotic performance, though, (and he’s no slouch at the stupid: I’ve mentioned his sermon on pissing) got me wondering. Who is the dumbest creationist in the country? There’s some stiff competition for the title, with Ray Comfort, Kent Hovind, Ken Ham, Carl Baugh, and every podunk preacher with a bug up his butt about Genesis making asses of themselves, but Anderson certainly should be in the running. Maybe we should have a contest to name the craziest, dumbest, most venal, etc. creationist … leave your suggestions in the comments.