A Wakefield poll

As all rational, well-informed people know, Andrew Wakefield has been thoroughly discredited: his poor study that claimed a link between vaccination and autism has not only been debunked, but Wakefield has been found to have committed fraud for personal profit, manipulating the data to get the results that professional litigators wanted him to get.

Wouldn’t you know it, Wakefield is fighting back…by trying to crash an internet poll. Doesn’t he know that the Jedi Masters of poll crashing are all either on the side of science (like me) or the side of chaos (4chan), and that he’s not going to get his way with that approach?


What a silly question. I don’t think it was a figment of his imagination at all; I think he saw dollar signs being waved by lawyers and intentionally fudged his data to make them happy. I’d think better of him if he were a delusional incompetent, but instead, I now think he was a con artist who traded children’s lives for payola.

Here’s the poll in question. I trust you will act responsibly and destroy it savagely.

Is the vaccine-autism link debunked?

Yes 57.24%

No 42.76%

If you’re a masochist, you might enjoy reading the comments at that link. Wakefield’s True Believers™ are out in force there, making amazing paranoid accusations.