The new pick-up line: “I have a very large MRI device…”

A team of neuroscientists has made the coolest nerd porn film ever. They gave 16 women vibrators and asked them to bring themselves to orgasm while they made a movie…of their brains, using an MRI scanner. It’s going to premiere at the Society for Neuroscience meetings.

While it sounds like they have some interesting results — there is a consistent, wide-spread pattern of brain activity during orgasm, and specific areas are known to fire up — the article is not going to do a lot for Professor Barry Komisaruk’s reputation. The interviewer asked a few too many trivial questions.

“In women, orgasm produces a very extensive response across the brain and body,” said Barry Komisaruk, professor of psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey, who oversaw the research.

“In one experiment we asked women to self-stimulate and then raise their hands each time they orgasmed. Some women raised their hands several times each session, often just a few seconds apart,” Professor Komisaruk said. “So the evidence is that woman tend to have longer orgasms and can experience several of them.”

So…the women in Professor Komisaruk’s life have never had a satisfactory sexual experience with him, so he needed a multi-million dollar machine to figure this out? I’m glad he finally learned this!

(I joke—I’m sure there are interesting neurological results, this article just highlighted the obvious, as if it were news.)