Because when I think ‘peaceful protest’, I think ‘missiles’

What are they thinking? The protesters complaining about that violent, militant religion of Islam building a mosque/community center in New York are now towing about a pair of deactivated missiles at their rallies. I guess Christians are trying to send a message that they’re friendly and non-threatening.


I’ve been doing it wrong for so many years. When I was protesting the Iraq war, maybe it would have been a more effective demonstration if we’d rented a tank and put a sign on it, “Honk if you hate war”. When we protested that biological warfare work going on at the Dugway Proving Grounds, maybe we should have put talcum powder in envelopes and mailed them to the local newspapers. It’s so much more reassuring to the other side when you couch your message of respectful coexistence in military gear.

The guy who donated the missiles to the protest has a poll. He’s just clueless on so many levels.

Do you want the Mosque @ Ground Zero?

Sure, why not 66%
Hell no! 34%