1. Pete Moulton says

    Beauty, PZ. a cactus may just be a cactus, but I’ve always considered Organ Pipes to be special.

  2. says

    Ah, the “Texas Tickler”.

  3. Cuttlefish, OM says

    Some double entendres, in practice,
    Leave us doubtful of just what the fact is–
    Surely plants get annoyed
    And they blame it on Freud–
    The truth is that cactus is cactus.

  4. Brownian, OM says

    I don’t get it. Looks nothing like my Mr. Doodle. Now, if you’d posted a picture of a field of mushrooms (caps only), I’d see the resemblance.

    Hey, it’s cold up here.

  5. SaintStephen says

    My favorite plant in the entire Universe. The mighty Saguaro cactus!

    Ahhhh Tucson… the memories.