No jesus meat for you, Patrick Kennedy!

Representative Patrick Kennedy has been barred from taking communion by the Catholic church. This is a politically motivated action to intimidate a politician into supporting a position on a political issue opposed by the church, abortion rights. Hmmm…using religion to commit extortion. How unusual.

I feel for him. I have a few consecrated wafers somewhere around the house; I’d love to send him some so he could cannibalize Jesus, but unfortunately, I also got threats to send me poisoned wafers from a few good Catholics, and I haven’t tested them. I’d rather not be responsible for murdering a Democrat. Maybe some of you could help him out; go to Mass, pocket a slice o’ Jebus, and send it to poor Patrick.

If he’s smart, though, he’ll just desecrate it. The article makes much of the fact that the Catholic church has not excommunicated him, but only denied him the sacrament. A little blatant heresy might be enough to get them to help Kennedy escape fully from the clutches of that cult.