I get all my clothes off the internet

I repeat: Skepticon II was a blast, and I think what really contributed to the fun was that there was a lot of young people organizing it and in the audience, and no stodginess was allowed. Make sure you go next year — it really was one of the more entertaining and enthusiastic meetings I’ve gone to this year…and it was held in the heart of the Bible Belt, in the city otherwise best known as the capitol of the AssGod church.

I have to answer a couple of questions I was asked repeatedly. I dazzled everyone with my sartorial flamboyance, and on the first night I wore my infamous crocoduck tie. I’m sorry, you can’t get it, at least not yet. Josh Timonen had it made, and so far, only Richard Dawkins and I have one. Maybe it will show up in the RDF store someday, or maybe it won’t.

On the second day, I was asked about the Creation “Museum”, and ripped open my shirt to reveal a portrait of the epic battle that was waged on our visit. People asked where they could get that, too (although one audience member showed me hers — she’d already got one). This one is easy.

PZ Myers, DJ Grothe

Just go to Jen‘s store, and you can order them right now. You can also get it on a black shirt, too.

You’ll have to get your own boy toy, though.

By the way, the photograph is by Ziztur — who has a nice blog.