Intelligent Design Supporters Strictly Ridiculed

Awww, poor Billy Dembski. He really doesn’t get it. He picked up on our mockery of his ID class assignment to go leave comments on science blogs, and he thinks we’re annoyed at the trolls.

In any case, I’ll make you a deal: let Darwinist, atheist, skeptic, freethinking, and infidel websites state prominently on their homepage the following disclaimer — “Intelligent Design Supporters Strictly Prohibited” — and I’ll make sure my students don’t post on your sites.

That’s not it at all, Bill! We wouldn’t discourage your students in any way. You have to imagine what was going through our heads that made us crack up at your silly assignment. We started recalling all the awesomely stupid comments left at our sites by creationists, and the thought that you were giving them credit for such inanity just gave us all the giggles.

We’re not prohibiting your students at all. Bring ’em on — they’re great for a laugh.