Tales of the 300 … more accounts of the Creation “Museum”


You know, it wasn’t just me at the horrible little creationist theme park — there were over 300 of us! In this blog entry, I intend to collect your stories about the zerg in Kentucky. E-mail links to me and I’ll add them to this list. Or, if you’d rather, just leave links in the comments here and I’ll promote them up top as I find the time.

I want more! Send them in to me soon.


We were the top story on the ABC News site for a while.

The Examiner covers the story.


Tell us your side of the story!

No Guy in the Sky has some overall thoughts and thinks the Creation “Museum” is KY Jelly to Christians.

The Empirical Infidel rebuts Pastor Tom, flashes a nice t-shirt (I remember that one!) and gives a quick impression.

Le Café Witteveen confirms what I’ve said about it: no biology, and well-behaved atheists. He also has a photo collection.

Cincinnati Man also took lots of pictures.

Jen has two summaries up already. She also has a store — buy swag with PZ vs. Ham art!

Now added: Part 3! And 4 and 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! I think the blogathon has permanently warped her brain.

A Christian minister has several comments — he’s critical of the “museum”, but he’s also critical of the atheists (in which he is wrong — Sean Faircloth’s talk at the SSA meeting was superb.)

The Pensive Corner reviews some of the very silly displays.

Mark obviously got a laugh out of it.

The Ruffington Post captured both Hemant and me.

Freethought Fort Wayne sent a couple of representatives on the trip.

Some of you may have noticed a small odd green and white blob on the nose of the saddled triceratops. That was a little birdie placed there by Evo-Devo Mike’s son Alexander.

Greg Laden collects a few links.

Will of the People summarizes the whole conference, as well as the “museum” trip.

AiG claims the continents rearranged themselves during the Flood year. Here’s a little math to show how crazy that idea is.

The “museum” is full of dogmatic presuppositions.

Berlzebub learned a few things at the mausoleum. I missed Nessie in the pond.

Wait a minute. This fellow in our group is a Christian. Weren’t we supposed to stone him or something?

We didn’t just look — at least one person had a conversation.

The trip has already entered legend as the journey of the 300.

We learned a few interesting things about Martin Luther and Charles Templeton.

It was the Flintstones Museum!

“Creepy as hell” is a good description of the animatronics.

Some people learned things at the “museum”. Alas for Ken Ham, they weren’t what he intended.

Some people brought their children into that den of ignorance. It was OK, though, since it inspired some rational discussion.

The Obligate Scientist has several posts on the museum.

Hemant has a round-up of his impressions, which includes a sampling of the offensive t-shirts people were wearing.


Have you turned something from the visit into art? I’ll put it here. (My pose atop the dino seems to have caught a little attention here.)



Lots of people had lots of cameras, and the images are being dumped onto Flickr right now.














People and their new-fangled video cameras…

Epic Poetry!

“A visit from PZ”
by Rich Stage

There was a Professor from Morris
who gathered the cast and the chorus.
And we all headed down
to visit the clowns
and the bibleists that all abhor us.

As day broke, sunny and grand,
the heathens from all o’er the land
north, east, west and south
all by different routes,
for reason we’d take a firm stand.

To Kentucky we all did flock.
Racing so we’d beat the clock
so if we were inclined
we might head up the line
so we could be the first to mock.

With ticket and button in hand
we followed through with our plan:
for ourselves to see
the insanity
of Ken Ham’s folly first hand.

As soon as we walked in the door:
Behold! A large pterasaur!
Graceful and free –
or not. It could be
it evolved to stay off the floor.

The next thing we saw was bizarre –
a grazing and growling brontosaur!
Then we saw what they did
with the raptors and kids.
The Flintstonescan’t be too far!

The Grand Canyon was, so they say,
carved by the flood in mere days.
If you ignored all the facts,
or hit your head with an axe
or replaced your brain with mayonnaise.

They said if we came we’d believe,
but not after Adam and Eve!
We laughed, not from spite –
we could tell from first sight
that this place was built to deceive

Next was Noah and his Ark.
The departure from fact was stark!
While the rain quickly poured
God put the dinos on board
but didn’t have room for the shark.

Heaven forbid if you doubt them
cause no one’s more honest than Ken Ham!
He said “You can trust us!”
“We’re just lying for jebus!”
and the creo-zombies echo “Amen!”

If there was one part of that twaddle
that kept me from coming unraveled
was the sight of PZ
on the dino that was wearing a saddle.

While there we laughed and we learned.
We left wondering how facts could be spurned.
The day went as we thought.
The science was naught.
So we vowed we would never return.

Here is the moral of my tale:
stay away from this shrine to fail!
But if visit you must,
to hide your disgust
go filled up with whiskey and ale.