The CreoZerg commences today!

I’m currently at Edwin and Helen Kagin’s house, 15 minutes from the Creation “Museum” — we’ll be heading off to the event around 9am, but first we have to be fed, and the Kagins are infamous for stuffing their guests. I may have to waddle through the theme park.

We have 285 people signed up so far. There is some concern that we’ll strain their parking, especially if mobs of creationists try to tie up spots early. If there is a problem, people can legally park along the county road leading to Ham’s Folly, as long as you don’t block access. We also have an agreement with a local farm 2 miles away to let people park there; if worst comes to worst, we’ll let people know where to go and will shuttle them back and forth.

For a little crowd control, the Creation Theme Park has also told us they are setting up a table and tent — it’s nice of them, but I suspect they are more concerned about making sure chaotic milling crowds of atheists don’t choke up parking or the entrance. Congregate there, please. If Kool-Aid is served, however, I recommend that you don’t drink it.

I have heard from a lot of people that they want to get a photo of the dinosaur with a saddle. I should mention that last I heard, it was no longer there — it was out for maintenance. However, in an amusing coincidence, a van full of godless atheists on its way to Kentucky last night passed a trailer carrying…you guessed it.


It’s an omen. My correspondent tells me the entire van erupted in laughter, which is precisely the response we’re looking for. If you’re coming, remember: don’t get angry, laugh instead. We are going to be a merry, cheerful band of atheists.

I won’t be hauling my laptop through the museum, so I won’t be live-blogging it, unfortunately. I will be using my iPhone to twitter now and then, so feel free to follow along on my account, or better yet, I’ve suggested that everyone twittering this should use the hashtag #CreoZerg. That link should give you a growing kaleidoscope of short reactions to our visit.

I will be posting photos on Twitter. They won’t be the greatest — just stuff shot with my iPhone camera — but it’ll give you all a taste.

I’ll also be putting together a summary post this wekend.