Where in the world is PZ Myers?

Since people have been asking about my travel schedule lately, here’s how I’m going to be spending my weekends:

Friday, 31 Oct-2 Nov: Toronto, ON
Friday, 7-9 Nov: Washington, DC
Thursday, 13-15 Nov: Kearney, NE
Wednesday, 19-22 Nov: Philadelphia, PA
Friday, 5-6 Dec: Orlando, FL

I’m hoping the visit to DC will be an especially joyous one.


  1. Scott says

    Please provide further details for the Philadelphia trip. I would like to attend your talk and/or a Pharyngulapalooza.

  2. slang says

    Could one of the “USA is not the world” commenters enlighten me on the status of Toronto? Has there been unannounced annexation?

  3. Geoff says

    Hey! I’ll be in Toronto that weekend! What’s the plans? I’d love to have a meetup of some kind!

  4. Ced says

    Ay, please excuse my double post. That was not my intention. I was just trying to cover my disappointment that PZ is not visiting Europe with a joke :)

  5. says

    Could one of the “USA is not the world” commenters enlighten me on the status of Toronto?

    For the time being, Canada has not been deemed a hotbed of terroristicalismishness and, therefore, not currently in need of immediate liberation by being returned to the stone age.

    This status is no more protected than any other country, and subject to review at any time at the whim of the douchenozzle who sits in the Oval Orifice.

    You’re welcome for the clarification :P

  6. Lana says

    Not fair! You’re coming to DC the same weekend I’ll be in New York. I mean, you really could have checked MY schedule before making plans. Some people are so self-centered.

  7. ReDSHiFT says

    PZ!! Where in Orlando are you going? I’m at UF, so it’s only a short drive for me, do you have time to socialize?

  8. varlo says

    Off subject – Paul Krugman just won the Nobel prize for economics … and also off subject this is the day we can enjoy a beer a day (while singing “99 bottles of beer on the wall” and, lo, on the last day George Bush will be gone.

  9. Bill Dauphin says


    I wonder if you could remind us what events you’re appearing at in each of these cities, and whether tany of them are [1] open to the public and [2] likely to be accessible (intellectually, I mean, not physically) to nonspecialists.

    I’m particularly interested in Philadelphia (the only tour stop that’s a reasonable drive for me) and DC (I have a friend at Georgetown who might be interested).

    Thanks in advance…

  10. says

    I always try to make time to socialize at these things. I can’t plan the social part of my visit very far ahead, though, because my first obligation is to the people who invited me to come speak, and I kind of wedge the external outreach into the spaces in between.

    All of the talks will be open to the public. The most technical will be the one in Philly, but even there, it’s mainly about the interpretation of developmental biology from Haeckel to the modern day, and anyone should be able to follow it.

    So sorry you’re being left out, Rest of the World Beyond North America. I’d be happy to come talk in Europe or Asia or any other place, but it’s far away and expensive. I’ve gotten a few nibbles now and then, but you know how transatlantic airfares can be a bit daunting. Maybe if you all got together — it is a European Union, you know — you could all get together and split the costs and have me do a tour of a couple of countries over a couple of weeks sometime in late spring or early summer. Hint, hint.

  11. K says

    You’re coming to see me? LOL Ok, I give up, what’s the Atheist event happening on Friday, 5-6 Dec? Surely you’re not just coming to see the Osbourne lights at Disney.

  12. Alex says

    I leave Ontario for four bloody months and you decide to pop by for a visit in my absence?

    You’ll burn in Hell for this, PA, I swear it!

  13. Scott Campbell says

    Hey PZ. So glad you are coming to the true north strong and free. You are more than welcome to stay! Looking forward immensely to your talks in Toronto.

    And a meetup in Toronto would be great. I can recommend some very cool pubs.

  14. Die Anyway says

    I’ll make the 2 hour drive to Orlando PZ, if you’ll tell me what event to sign up for. The I-4 corridor is fairly dangerous but I’ll be singing the whole way… “I don’t care if it rains or freezes, ‘long as I’ve got my plastic Jeezus, sittin’ on the dashboard of my car…” so I should be safe.

  15. Samwise says

    PZ, what brings you to the Cornhusker state? I presume it’s something to do with the university, though I don’t see anything on their site. I’d like to drive up if a lecture and/or beer is imminent.

  16. Nephmon says

    #15: I’ve been thinking that for a while too, David, ever since PZ published his summer schedule a while back. Still, I’m sure he does lots to offset it. Like burning Catholics instead of coal in his fireplace at home.

  17. firemancarl says

    Oh, I am sooo off on both of those days Stacy! BTW, my godless heathen neighbor wants to go as well! Finally, PZ makes it to central Florida. PZ, will it be your first time here?

  18. Sydney S says

    Hrmm… I may just be visiting my creationist grandmother in Orlando when you are giving your talk. Awesome!

  19. says

    You should make a post for each city, so those of us who like to sleep in following a giant Thanksgiving meal can post excited calls for meeting up in pubs specific to our own cities without getting mixed in with the rest of the cities… in other words, I’m in Toronto, so I’d be interested to hear more about the Toronto trip specifically.

    And, as it has been pointed out, Toronto is not in the USA. But, at the same time, an American going to Canada really does not normally count as worldly travels. For the sake of a childhood reference, though, I think PZ should be forgiven…

  20. FishyFred says

    Okay, I need details about DC sooner rather than later. I’m impatient. I gotta knows this now.

  21. K says

    The suspense is killing me! I googled and can find NO Atheist events here in Orlando the first weekend in Dec.

    It must be a family visit and non of us are invited.
    If that’s the case, look, the first weekend in Dec, I go to Cracker Christmas at Ft Christmas. Anyone want to become a roving gang of Atheist at this event, just for grins, if PZ isn’t going to give a talk or something? They have kettle corn.

  22. dan says

    Yay Orlando!

    December is a great time of the year down here. Bring your shorts, you will probably need them.
    Hope to see you when you come down, you an inspiration.
    E.O Wilson is giving a talk down here; is this a trend?

    Orlando Atheists; send me a line at dan@newworldceramic.com

    We can get a gathering going.


  23. Chris Nedin says

    Southernhemispherophobe! (and it’s not just because I’m annoyed at being in Washington the day AFTER you)

  24. Diego says

    PZ is coming to Florida for the 5-6 of December? Why that’s a great pre-birthday present for me. Hurray! :)

  25. Jenny Ashford says

    Yay, Orlando is only an hour from me! What’s gonna happen on the Friday, because I usually work on Friday nights, but if there’s something cool occurring, then I’ll take time off. If I can’t, then I’ll definitely make the trip on Saturday, and drag the hubby along. Godless bastards invade the Happiest Place on Earth! Whee!

  26. Farb says

    Echoing Samwise @ #34:

    Yeh, I’d like more info about the Kearney visit, to see if I can clear up part of my own insane schedule.

  27. Janice Rael says

    Hi PZ. I heard about your upcoming visit to Philly in November. There are a ton of people who would love to have a drink with you, and I’d like to recommend a place I’ve never been to, called Eulogy, in Old City. From what I’ve heard, it’s fantastic, if you like beer.

    I’m going to be in DC on the weekend of November 8-9 also. Americans United for Separation of Church and State is hosting an informal gathering of people interested in church-state separation at the bar inside the Capitol Hill Hyatt starting at 6:30pm. If you’re there, I’ll meet you then. If not, maybe I’ll catch you in Philly. Drop me an email if you’d like.