1. says

    You know. As a Democrat I’m offended by such things. Though, I don’t really have a spine to stand up for my beliefs. So I’ll let you win today…

  2. Gordon Stephens says

    In all fairness, the Republicans have spines, that’s how they dominate the Democrats to such an extraordinary extent.

  3. says

    I’d accept that they are spineless
    If they’d only choose to whine less
    Though, in truth, when one’s not whining, then it simply disappears.
    We can see they have no backbone,
    But it isn’t like they lack bone,
    Rather oddly, they’ve collected it, it seems, between their ears.

  4. Bobryuu says

    Do amoebae even qualify for spinelessness? I mean, they don’t even have enough cells to make one, unless they were all spine.

  5. Natasha Yar-Routh says

    Not true PZ, the Jelly Fish can fight thanks to their stinging cells on their tentacles. The Democrats on the other hand apparently have no natural defenses at all.

  6. SeanH says

    I’m with Bobryuu. They should replace amoebae and squid with snails and sponges. Worms, jellyfish, snails, and sponges would a fair description of recent congresses.

  7. says

    What about the arthropods?! The single largest phylum of life, including non-animals, and they get no representation at all here. Of course, they have hard parts, and several are quite capable of putting up a fight if they need to, so I suppose that the message might get compromised.

    Any way one looks at it, though, the cartoon puts a pretty low value on invertebrates, which does rather annoy. Invertebrates are opisthokonts, too! (Not that there is anything wrong with not being an opisthokont….)

  8. says

    I heard that a jellyfish was once elected to Congress, but had to resign over a corruption scandal that was brought to light in a sting operation.


  9. Shaggy Maniac says

    Though the worm looks like a harmless oligocheate, I would have to say there are plenty of polycheate annelids that would put up a good fight if your tried handling them.