I am too a geek!

I sought reassurance in an internet quiz, and did reasonably well.

Take the Sci fi sounds quiz I received 92 credits on
The Sci Fi Sounds Quiz

How much of a Sci-Fi geek are you?
Take the Sci-Fi Movie Quizdigital camera ratings

I think I missed the one where the voice says something like “The captain is not on the bridge” — it sounded vaguely trekish, but it was completely unfamiliar.


  1. firemancarl says

    I am not a geeky as I thought! :-( I scored a 70! Oh well, any geeky science babes looking for a not that geeky fireman? ;-)

  2. PipeUp says

    I only scored a 76, but the result page did ask me “Do you speak Klingon?” I was chuffed! [frink] Mm-ga-HEY! [/frink]

  3. Jim Jordan says

    I wonder if religious crud consider themselves god geeks,
    holy geeks, and would they score themselves on the
    severity of their insanity ?

  4. Tulse says

    71. I don’t know whether to be happy or disappointed (and if the latter, because I didn’t score higher or because I scored so high).

    I thought all the questions about ’50s movies were a bit unfair…

  5. MyaR says

    71. I think I’m a little scared by that high a score, considering I’ve actually seen about 15-20% of the movies/tv shows mentioned.

  6. Onkel Bob says

    I am not wearing a home-made Tron outfit despite the score of 100. I was only successful because I was able to eliminate the obvious wrong answers and so get the odds to 50/50. (I never saw Tron, it came out when I was overseas on a extended tour in rural Turkey)
    The captain is not on the bridge was one of those STNG episodes.

  7. Ichthyic says

    I’m pretty sure that one question you thought you missed, PZ, was in fact correct. that is from star trek.

    must have been one of the other questions.

    I thought the first 11 were quite easy, but had to think a bit about the rest. got the same score (92).

  8. Ichthyic says

    ok, so the only questions that kinda stumped me were number 12 and 13.

    what did people put for those?

    12 asks: “what is this beastly sound from”, and gives the responses:

    jurrasic park, Journey to the center of the earth, planet of the apes, starship trooper.

    i went with journey.

    13 asks: What movie is this from?

    IT!…, it came from outer space, earth vs flyin saucers, village of the damned.

    i went with earth vs saucers.

    so what are the right answers for those two?

  9. says

    The captain is not on the bridge was one of those STNG episodes.

    The clue is that the voice of all the Trek computers was provided by Majel Barrett (Nurse Chapel) Roddenberry.

    The one that messed me up was placing the movie with voice legend Paul Frees, who was in just about all those movies in the fifties, at least as a voice. He appears as an actor in The Thing. He may be more familiar as the voice of Disneyland rides Pirates and Haunted Mansion, and the (replaced by Star Tours) Journey Through Inner Space.

    “And still, I continue to shrink!”

  10. Carlie says

    63. I am ashamed. I am even more ashamed that I think the one questioned in #10 was from Starship Troopers, and that I knew that. Spouse got a 74.

  11. Pyre says

    Just 93 credits. My chief Huh?s were the short “beastly” sound, spacecraft sound (Viper, Cyclon raider, TIE fighter?), and that “between ticks of the clock” passage — which I find reminiscent of Lorien’s first long talk with Sheridan on Babylon 5, early 4th season; I wonder whether Straczynski intended a hommage there.

  12. Ichthyic says

    spacecraft sound was tie fighter.

    the other two were exactly the ones I wasn’t sure about either.

  13. davem says

    “63. I am ashamed.”

    Be ashamed no more, I scored 50. It tells me that ‘I own several action figures’. I don’t.

  14. RamblinDude says

    93! Woo hoo! I missed the one about the beastly sounds.

    I saw “The Battle Between the Earth and Flying Saucers” or whatever, when I was 8 or 9, and I remember hearing the alien tell them that their watches and their hearts had stopped beating and thinking that it was pretty stupid.

    That was one of the defining moments in my youth that got me started trying to make sense of the world!!

  15. andyo says

    That’s not cool. I am a geek, but not a sci-fi one. I got a high mark, like 77 or something, and I just answered many without knowing. 4 options is too few, make it 20 to be statistically valid.

  16. foldedpath says

    93 here too. The questions must be weighted (progressively more difficult?), if people are getting both 92’s and 93’s with just 14 answers.

  17. cyan says

    Nope, Alex: 36 for me
    Damn: I belong in no group; now with this scientifically-based quiz the hope that the solstice symbolizes is so proven false. Thinking of looking for a scalpel as I write.
    If only Metropolis had been part of the quiz …
    … oh!, wait!

  18. Janine says

    Alex, you are still low. I got a 56.
    I guess my problem is that I hate Star Wars, Star Trek and most big budget sci-fi films. Hey, why no question about Cronenberg movies?

  19. KMac says

    Hm. I have actually only seen two of the movies that make an appearance in the quiz (Jurassic Park and ET) and yet managed to score a 65.

  20. says

    I’m so ashamed. I only got a 56. I will have to find an alternative explanation for my poor high school dating record…

  21. says

    whadya put down for 12 and 13

    You’re honor bound not to tell anybody. I put down the wrong answer for 12! I thought it was Starship Troopers when it should have been Jurassic Park. How embarrassing. 13 was Earth v. The Flying Saucers.

  22. steve james says

    Oh, I got 100. The beastly sound, though it was so short I had to replay it, was the small, poison spitting critter from Jurassic Park.
    I own almost every film from the list, but I didn’t know how aurally I remembered them.

    And since I can’t think of any other place to say this: The actor who played Kris Kringle in th 1947 ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ was also the elderly ant scientist in ‘Them!’

    Steve “I just wanted to display my credentials” James

  23. Kagehi says

    Sigh. So ashamed, I only got 93. lol Missed #12. The “ticking of the clock” one. It was the only one I had to guess at, and the only one where I think “It! It came from outer space.” Was the only movie I ever saw, and even then, that was from like 20% into the movie, because nothing else much was on the day I saw it. The rest where a total piece of cake.

  24. Kagehi says

    Oh, wait. No, I guessed on #13, which was the ticking clock one, and got it right (figured it was like 60% likely), was the Jurassic Park one I missed. Which is really sad, given that I know I did see that one, while I am not sure about most of the ones in #13. :p

  25. Doug says

    My Score: 70
    The Wife’s Score: 77

    Looks like I married up.

    (We are both sitting in bed with our laptops, and she is coding an XML parser)

  26. CanadianChick says

    this is where my complete and utter lack of interest in movies shows: 43

    obviously I had some good guesses. And I got the STNG reference. Majel Roddenberry – who doesn’t know THAT voice?

  27. RoaldFalcon says

    My 100% bothers me a little, but what really scares me is how quickly I rushed through the test.

  28. Kseniya says

    I scored 56. I’ve seen a fair number of old SF movies, but obviously not quite enough. :-)

  29. Jochen Bedersdorfer says

    Finally a worthy age verification test.
    People who got more than 80 points must be old grumpy farts – congratulations: your access to the interwebs is now unrestricted!

    I only got 56 :((

  30. Graculus says


    I’m generally uninterested in TV sci-fi, because most of it is really (really, really) annoying. Double for Star Trek. So I got a number of the movie ones, but a lot of the movies I haven’t seen in 2 decades, so the memory is fuzzy.

  31. Neil says

    I only got a 71. Disappointing, but there was a lot of stuff from older movies that I’ve never seen or haven’t seen in years.

  32. Charles Soto says

    100 baby! Suck on that!

    Then again, I have a very good movie memory, even non-scifi. I kill at party games. Still, almost missed the one about the flying saucers. But I eliminated two others and made a guess based on some of the background sounds…

  33. says

    I got 71. Do I get extra credit for insisting that the “correct” answer of Star Trek in that one question is in fact wrong? (Since only TOS and TAS has that name.)