1. Chris R. says

    It’s obviously Thor battling the giants. Or Colonel Sanders. Or that crazy guy down the street who hands out pamphlets and yells at people as they walk by.

    Or maybe the summit of Mount Everest?

  2. Chuck says

    Perhaps I’ve seen the cover of ELP’s Brain Salad Surgery one too many times, but I definitely didn’t think that was a squid at first.

  3. says

    Best Calamari in the City of Minneapolis: JP’s in LynLake neighborhood. The dipping sauce is to die for. Or even better, to kill for.

    Will have to keep in mind. Flying in to Mpls and meeting a friend the Sunday before x-mas, and heading down to the p’s the next day. Some good squid in Mpls might be a good thing.

  4. says

    Now this is good information to have.

    I’m also driving in to Minneapolis the Sunday before ‘podmas, to pick up #2 son at the U. I may have to make a stop at this restaurant.

  5. says

    JP’s is pricey, but you can also go to the bar and get the squid and some other delicacies. His (JP’s) “pizza” appetizer is also great.

    It is just north of the Jungle Theater on Lyndale. (just north of Lake Street) Park in the back.

  6. says


    Any sushi recs? I used to love Sushi Tango, but they seem to have gone a bit downhill, along with the rest of Calhoun Square. Some Ika salad might also be nice.

  7. says

    Fuji Ya, same parking lot as JP, but just around the corner on Lake Street, is my second choice.]

    But my first choice is Azia, located on Nicollet and 25th (parking lot entrance on Nicollet, just north of the resturant)

    Azia is an azian fusian resturant and a sushi resturant linked to each other, but both menus are available in both locations. The sushi part is called the Anemoni Sushi Bar, but it is all in the same place. I don’t know about Ika salad, but you can certainly get Ika nigiri or sashumi.

    The nice thing about Azia is that you can go with a group that includes non-sushi eaters, and everybody can have one of the best meals they can get.

    If you order non-sushi, I recommend the char.

  8. Dahan says

    I hardly think this qualifies as proof of some “Squid-God”. If it had been a frozen waterfall, well THAT would have been something.