Texas-sized liar

Take a look at this interview with Lizzette Reynolds, the Bushite behind the resignation of Chris Comer. The unbelievable claims come out in the second question.

Were you surprised she resigned?

Yes, because I had asked her supervisor to look into the e-mail issue. But I wasn’t kept in the loop. I was at a meeting some time later when someone mentioned, “By the way, she (Chris Comer) is resigning today.”

Oh, she was surprised? Lizzette Reynolds is the person who wrote this in response to the email:

This is highly inappropriate. I believe this is an offense that calls for termination or, at the very least, reassignment of responsibilities.

They’re getting burned on this, which is why they’re trying to back away with a pretense of wide-eyed innocence now. Keep the pressure on these dishonest anti-scientific frauds, Texas!


  1. Alex says

    More dishonest word games. Maybe by “surprised” she meant “elated”. Yeah…that’s it.

  2. says

    No, no, you’ve got it all wrong! You see, she was like a “deer in the headlights.” She was really trying not to say “surprised.” She kept telling herself, “Now I gotta make sure that I don’t say surprised, because it’s not true.” But once in the interview, she made a “mistake” – a human mistake – and now the evilutionists are jumping all over her, and…

  3. says

    This goes completely opposite of how the story went on NPR. Unfortunately due to past experience, I am less likely to trust the side of the Bush appointed creationist, go figure.

  4. raven says

    Lizette Reynolds would make a great witness in court. It isn’t the crime that nails these folks. It is the coverup.

    What is the probability that the paper shredders are working overtime in Texas, home of Enron and Arthur Anderson? 100%. Clunk!!! That sound was just a few dozen hard drives accidently getting tossed into the garbage bin.

    Perjury and obstruction of justice can be felonies. She seems really stupid. A good lawyer could probably demonstrate enough lies under oath to put her away for a while.

    “Are you now or have you ever been an acceptor of the fact of evolution.” The Texas Taliban

  5. says

    Another disconnect (to put it charitably — perhaps lie would be more accurate):

    “The concern was, should these sorts of things be on the TEA e-mail?
    Maybe this was my sensitivity from working on the federal level. I
    looked at it and said, “This could be political.” My goal was to make
    sure the right people looked at this.

    I realize that people have their opinions. If you want to do that, Yahoo is free. Get a Yahoo account.”

    and later:

    “I still think the e-mail by Comer left the agency exposed. The whole
    situation has been a little disturbing to me. Maybe I should have seen
    the political side of it.”

    So which is it?? — she thought “This could be political” or “Maybe I should have seen the political side of it.”

  6. Sastra, OM says

    Ms. Reynolds is in Texas. Of course she was surprised, because it was just assumed everyone would have translated her email into Texanese:

    “This is highly inappropriate. I believe this is an offense that calls for termination or, at the very least, reassignment of responsibilities… bless her heart.”

  7. says

    I think an example needs to be made of this lying twat, Lyzzette Reynolds. After all, she’s either too brainless or too dishonest (or, quite possibly both) to do her job, and I would never entrust my child’s education to such a sleazy human being.

  8. says

    Come on, she *might* have been surprised. Maybe she thought they weren’t going to do anything about it even after she complained … bless her heart. 8-)

  9. Leon says

    Well, it sure is good to see some of these fools getting pinned to the wall for some of this nonsense. These hypocrites have no qualms about ruining other people’s careers or reputations to further their agenda, then hem and haw and cry persecution when they’re called on their actions.

    Nice to finally hear some good news from Texas.

  10. says

    My goodness, what a display of mendacity. Frankly, if those woman is smart, she’ll remain completely invisible during the next round of standards evaluation in Texas.

    But I don’t think she’s smart, just another ideologue pretending to act in the public interest. And I agree: I fully expect that not only will this woman end up affiliated with the DI, but she will eventually claim she is being persecuted for her faith. Just give it time.

  11. Uber says

    From the Dallas article mentioned above I give you the head of the Texas education agency:

    How can the materialistic philosophic naturalistic base dependency of Darwinism be brought into the discussion and used for our benefit?” Dr. McLeroy asked, according to a recording of the speech. “We didn’t use it. All we did was stay with evidence, and we got run over

    It’s almost as good as the quote that says we where attacked by the educated section of society.

    They stayed with evidence and lost so now he needs dogma and lies to win. Nice, quality fella there.

  12. Rey Fox says

    “…the materialistic philosophic naturalistic base dependency of Darwinism…”

    Sounds like a load of post-digestive dietary matter of domesticated bovine.

  13. astrolieber says

    I’m not a psychologist,but I believe that we (including I)
    give away our real thoughts. Witness this snap (non-quote mined) of the interview

    Q Has this episode had a chilling effect on TEA employees?

    A I don’t think there is a muzzle on anyone. Everyone can express their opinions — goodness knows I have many — but we are a state agency and must respect the beliefs of
    Catholics, atheists, Jews, Christians, Muslims
    , everyone. And we should all respect the fact that it is the bailiwick of the State Board of Education to write (curriculum) standards.

    Do you need more proof of her fundie background ? Does she REALLY think that she is even remotely fooling anyone ?

    — concerned Christian(sorry PZ :P)

  14. BobC says

    “Keep the pressure on these dishonest anti-scientific frauds, Texas!” And don’t stop until every one of these subhumans are fired, and Chris Comer is rehired.

  15. Curt Cameron says

    She was really trying not to say “surprised.” She kept telling herself, “Now I gotta make sure that I don’t say surprised, because it’s not true/i>.”

    I can see this sent up Simpsons-style:

    Camera zooms in on her head:
    The little voice in her head says “Don’t say ‘surprised.’ Don’t say ‘surprised.'”
    Interviewer: “Were you surprised?”
    Lizette: “Yes!”
    Little voice: “That’s it, I’m outta here…”

  16. says

    Of couse she was surprised that Comer resigned …

    She expected Comer to be terminated or reassigned.

    Sometimes you just have to listen to them.

  17. Julian says


    Yeah, its truly frustrating how far downhill NPR has gone in the last few years. For awhile, I was hoping they’d manage to fight off the Bushie attempts to make it into an official propaganda agency, and considering how they drove off that “ombudsman” he appointed, I figured they were doing fine, but to listen to it now you’d think Bush’s policies were the pronouncements of some philosopher-king.

    Good thing they haven’t managed to keep Bill Moyer’s off the air.

  18. says

    So Lizette Reynolds is not only a moron, she is a liar as well? Somehow, I’m not surprised. Perhaps her former employer will give her a medal.

  19. SEF says

    Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

    I would have alerted the proper people that something was being sent on the state e-mail.

    So she confesses to alerting improper people! Shouldn’t her employment be terminated for her misuse of the (email) system?

  20. Crudely Wrottc says

    Lizzette Reynolds actually said, “I realize that people have their opinions. If you want to do that, Yahoo is free. Get a Yahoo account.”

    My dear Lizzy, attend. The place for opinion is in the public square, on the green, out on the quad, in the halls and malls and wherever people of reason and good will pass the time of day and conduct their business.

    Such places are the incubators of progress in no less a domain than civil behavior, frequently exemplified by displays of reason and good will. That there will be episodes that are not so civil is given. Out of the social discourse that can freely occur without the ham-handed restrictions of government intervention, and the attendant compromise of liberty, will come the ideas that may one day add an unexpected and useful dimension to personal liberty. And yes, Lizzy social responsibility. You see, left to ourselves, without the personal outrage of a vocal minority (if you are one of this minority then you know who you are) being codified into the law of the land, we have, can, and shall continue to do quite well. At the business of being a successful republic, Lizzy, and a place that so many people just can’t wait to come to.

    And please, young lady, don’t tell me to get a Yahoo account if I want to express myself. I have had a Yahoo account for longer than you have been associated with TEA. I would speak as freely there as I would in one of your meetings, or maybe while talking with people you don’t even know, or in any case. That’s America for ya, cutie!

    E Pluribus Unum

  21. cebm says

    That same guy, head of TEA, voted against a math text book (vote 7-6) because they didn’t like the way it taught multiplication. If you don’t use this third grade text, evidently, you can’t use the rest of the elemetary math texts. This same publisher does the new science books that are up for consideration next year, which, by the way don’t happen to mention ID. Education in Texas has been marginal at best, now, we are really screwed.

  22. Crudely Wrott says

    Ahem. There is no final ‘c’ on ‘Crudely Wrott.’
    I must have been mistaken when I mumble-de -mumbled just before I chuckled. Ah, well.

  23. Lassi Hippeläinen says

    #29: “…because they didn’t like the way it taught multiplication.”

    The correct way is in the Bible. In Genesis 1:22 God sayeth: “…let birds multiply on the earth.”

  24. Lassi Hippeläinen says

    #29: “…because they didn’t like the way it taught multiplication.”

    The correct way is in the Bible. In Genesis 1:22 God sayeth: “…let birds multiply on the earth.”

  25. BaldApe says

    “I’ve done a lot,
    God knows I’ve tried.
    To find the truth
    I’ve even lied.”

    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    (The song is “Superheroes,” which is not in some versions of the video.)

  26. says

    Ahhh science, the mode of reproducible results.

    I was once a civil service employee with a supervisor and manager that were both christianist/christer. The supe used to spend all of his work time trying to find ways to get me fired. Thank Dagon for civil service rules! Each time he had a sure-fire plan, I would show up and ruin it with facts and truth. Once he even yelled at me, “Tell the truth!” ,so I did.

    Our manager was from pre-Bush/Reagan EPA and they dumped his sorry ass for incompetence. Letting a supe spend eight-hour days trying to terminate the most productive employee should have been a warning sign.

    Part of my problem was that I had been invited twice to join the SEALS by members and that really gave me an attitude. Add to that the fact that every time we went to the field and the public didn’t know who was the boss, the public assumed I was the leader. No, they never forgive..except themselves (Haggard, Swaggart, Robertson,)

    Another bit of fuel is the fact that I did more in one year than both of them did in their nine years in the field, combined. Rather than ride my accomplishments to promotion, they tried to hide production results and assign credit to others.

    Both seemed to believe that they were such great liars that no one would notice. We noticed. We just couldn’t do anything about it.

    This person seems cut from the same cloth.